Moniwar NFT Airdrop for Whitelist Alert members

To celebrate the partnership between Whitelist Alert and Moniwar, we run an airdrop program for Whitelist Alert members.

Moniwar NFT Airdrop for Whitelist Alert members

To get whitelisted, you need to:
– Follow whitelistalert
– Follow moniwar_game
– Submit your BSC Address on this form:
Each member will get 1 NFT. Total 200 NFTs.
Deadline: Sep 16th 2022


Who are NFT pets owners?

  • AMA winners
  • Moniwar partners
  • Airdrop winners


How will we receive our own NFT pets?

  • Log in this web with your wallet BEP-20:
  • Click “Bounty” -> Airdrop NFT -> AMA Winner Airdrop to receive NFT pets (


What are the features of NFT pets?


No Available Feature Status
1 Adventure (to earn NFT) Done
2 PVP / PVE (to earn $MOWA) Done
3 Pet’s skill system Done
4 Chat, voice, make friend Done
5 Quest System Up Coming
6 Clear Pet to PET’s star Upgrade Up Coming
7 Dungoen (to earn $MOWA) Up Coming
8 PET Hunting (to earn $MOWA) Up Coming
9 World Boss (to earn $MOWA) Up Coming
10 Blessing Mechanism (to earn $MOWA) Up Coming
11 Pet Mega Launching (to earn $MOWA) Up Coming
12 Wheel of Fortune (to earn $MOWA) Up Coming
13 Server System Notification Up Coming


What’s time for claiming NFT pets:

During 3 weeks since your wallet is submitted



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