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MMA Gaming Token IDO

MMA Gaming is a cross-chain Superguild with built in-house platform, focused on harvesting stable yield in play-to-earn virtual worlds, primarily through hedging of GameFi assets.

MMA Gaming Token IDO

JOIN AT: https://ido.mmagaming.io/

Format & Duration

IDO Start Date: 22 Feb 2022 (5pm UTC)

IDO End Date: 24 Feb 2022 (5pm UTC)

DEX Listing: Raydium (to be listed immediately post IDO completion)

Min/Max Allocation: No Min/Max Allocation

Whitelist: No Whitelist

Token Total Supply: 1,000,000,000

Public Sale: 20m tokens @ $0.25 (Floor Price)

During the Auction participants can deposit USDC without any restriction or limitation. Withdrawals are not permitted. This means all USDC commitments are locked-in when deposited.

With early supporters oversubscribing in the pre-sale, this is a one-time opportunity for a very limited public sale.

Modified Auction Process To Facilitate Price Discovery

Price discovery occurs as soon as the total value of all USDC commitments rises above 5m (see table below). The total value of USDC commitments reflects the demand for the MMA Token. As the demand for the MMA token increases, so does the final token price.
At the end of the sale, the total value of USDC deposits will be divided by the number of tokens being sold (20m). The calculation to determine the final token price is as follows:

Total USDC Value  / 20,000,000 MMA Tokens

There is a high degree of interest in this IDO as it is considered a diversified play on the wider P2E ecosystem. In the unlikely event $5M is not reached, MMA will buy the remainder of the tokens to guarantee the $0.25 price floor.

The table below offers guidance on possible MMA Token prices for levels of demand:

USDC Commitments Number of MMA Tokens Final MMA Token Price
5m USDC 20,000,000 $0.25
7m USDC 20,000,000 $0.35
10m USDC 20,000,000 $0.50
15m USDC 20,000,000 $0.75

Requirements for Participation

USDC on the Solana chain (SPL Token)
You will need a Solana wallet. Phantom is recommended for simplicity and reliability.
Solana wallets require a small amount of SOL to function – 0.05 SOL is sufficient.

IDO Core Principles

MMA is committed to running a secure Initial DeX Offering (IDO) that is open, fair to all and transparent. There are no barriers to entry; the minimum contribution is $1, and there is no upper limit. At the end of the sale, every participant pays the same price for tokens.

To ensure a secure and smooth token sale, MMA has partnered with basis.markets. The auction mechanics have been tested over the course of several months and recently deployed in a successful IDO by basis.markets.

Token Allocation

Final MMA Token allocations will be proportionate based on individual wallet USDC commitments. Each wallet’s USDC commitment will be divided by the total USDC commitment and receives a proportionate share of MMA Tokens.

After The Sale

The price and allocations are constantly calculated and displayed as interactions with the smart contract. Immediately after the completion of the sale, participants will be able to claim their MMA Token allocation at the auction website: ido.mmagaming.io

About MMA

MMA Gaming is a cross-chain Superguild with built in-house platform, focused on harvesting stable yield in play-to-earn virtual worlds, primarily through hedging of GameFi assets.

What we do

MMA Gaming (“MMA”) is a large-scale gaming operation, or guild. Our core revenue stream comes from providing a global base of players with the knowledge, skills, and in-game assets necessary to effectively play and earn across different metaverse worlds or games. Our players receive a highly equitable share of earnings, as attested to by our positive player testimonials.
With a solid and sustainable revenue base, we have also augmented our metaverse exposure – seed allocations to peers and games help diversify MMA’s exposure in the sector. Furthermore, our expert treasury team actively manages our capital so that it is never idle, while at the same time ensuring the treasury fund is not overexposed to macro risks.
Finally, we have developed several workflow tools which can be scaled and commercialized for smaller guilds with fewer resources.

The team

Head of Operations

Casper has been a driving force in bringing MMA Gaming from an idea to where it stands today. Business development, partnerships, marketing, funding, and weaving it all together primarily make up his day-to-day activities.

Gaming Operations

Alongside the core Gaming Operations team, we are building a network of ex-pro / pro skilled gamers in-line with our roadmap. As the viable game ecosystem grows, skill trees and competitive gaming will become more relevant.

Treasury Operations

Our Treasury Services team has a wealth of trading and risk management experience and are experts in hedged DeFi and asset flow optimization. As our game network expands, we expect the treasury team to also grow.

Value Proposition

Gamers generating an income for themselves create an income for you. Simply put, we play you earn.

– 1000+ gamers playing and creating income for investors

– Proven business model currently delivering 60%+ APR

– $15M in balance sheet assets

– Recession-proof income from the gaming sector

 The Treasury

Our treasury function is a key pillar of the business.
There are three core operating units within MMA. These are:
🎮Gaming Operations
💲Treasury Services
🧠Research and Development
Although the operations can be delineated, it is crucial that none of these function in isolation.
For example, live in-game information will be analyzed to help Treasury spot market opportunities and asset mispricing.
While it is common for other guilds to focus on gaming operations and R&D, a key differentiator of MMA is that Treasury is not a standalone business simply managing our reserves. It is a critical part of the asset flows, helping stabilize revenues, optimize capital reinvestment and perhaps eventually making markets in the metaverse.
None of this is possible without the three core units acting as one.
In-line with our peers, starting Q1 2022, we will be posting quarterly Treasury updates to our community. This will provide increased transparency and insight into our business model as it evolves over time. These updates will be done with a one month-lag in order to reduce unintended alpha flows leaking.

Virtuous cycle of capital reinvestment

DeX Listing

Tokens will be tradeable shortly after the sale at raydium.io and MMA will provide liquidity within the permissionless pool. All contract details and how-to’s will be released in the Discord immediately after the IDO concludes.

Official Links

IDO Instructions: https://mmagaming.io/ido

Discord (join us at): https://discord.gg/UMeruUq8

Twitter (join us at)https://mmagaming.io/



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