MetaMate IDO Whitelist on LunaPad

Metamate’s goal is to build Mingle City – a true metaverse where you can experience an extraordinary and exciting life!

MetaMate IDO Whitelist on LunaPad


METAMATE whitelist competition
A total of 100 winners will receive the right to purchase $200 BUSD Allotment for MetaMate

LunaPad will host METAMATE IDO 

on April 11, 2022 (1:00 PM UTC)

? Fund Raise : 50k BUSD

IDO Price : 1 BUSD = 100 $MTM
Amount of Tokens : 10.000.000 $MTM
Amount to Raise : 50K BUSD
Pancake Listing Date : April 08, 2022
Listing Price : $0.01
Initial Market Cap : $235.000

Token information :
Token Name : MetaMate token
Symbol : $MTM
Total Supply :

About MetaMate


Targa and Elia were childhood friends. They were meant for each others. They never thought that there can be… other possibilities. In the vast cities of MetaMate, they encounters many other men and women, darlings who are successful in their careers, dressing up in fashionable outfits, playing engaging games… You get to experience the lifestyle of MetaMate too! Decide on interesting choices such as finding your mate, working in many different jobs to earn a fortune. Dancing in games of love with your friends and discover your perfect match in MetaMate – A Unique Social & Dating NFT Metaverse.

Metamate’s goal is to build Mingle City – a true metaverse where you can experience an extraordinary and exciting life!

  • Being A Unique Social And Dating Metaverse, Metamate project is the pioneer, the first one in combining a digital dating platform with a NFT metaverse.
    According to our research, digital dating platforms have been attracting new users and generating tremendous revenue since 2015, and these numbers are constantly and significantly increasing every year. It is projected that the global digital dating platforms will nearly double in 2025 to 6 billion USD. Metamate is expected to take advantage and capitalise on this trend.
    Furthermore, as we already know, metaverse has been the dominating trend recently. Mentions of metaverse have been seemingly everywhere, and our project team believes that the expansion of metaverse will continue. Metamate is inspired by this trend and our goal is to build a true metaverse where players can experience an extraordinary and exciting life.
    With the pandemic going on, when more and more people have embraced the internet as their new and potentially only social life, both market share of digital dating platforms and metaverse trend will surely grow faster and stronger. And our project will be the pioneer, the first one in combining these two popular trends, also with fun casual games, free-to-play and play-to-earn features. This is the key that will absolutely set us aside from our competitors and bring success to this project.
  • Metamate offers players a unique experience with exciting casual mini-games, free-to-play and play-to-earn features. Our goal is to build a true metaverse where people around the globe can connect, get to know each other, have fun and earn together.
  • MetaMate has a complete ecosystem with Mate Plus – a Web 3.0 product, where the contributors can express thoughts freely, earn rewards from contribution and advertisement; Cross-chain NFT Marketplace and NFT Game Venture. These products are exclusive privileges and made available for access only by $MTM holders.

About MetaMate Team

Experienced game & blockchain development team.
MetaMate’s Game Studio
To ensure a goal of making Metamate a true and sustainable Metaverse, we have assembled a passionate and devoted team.
Qualification and work experience
Duc Le
  • 3 years experience as COO of VGC Game Publisher Co Ltd.
  • 9 years experience as Corporate Leader.
Quang Pham
  • 7-year experience in the fields of finance and enterprises
  • A blockchain expert specializing Exchanges and Banking System
  • Master in International Finance and Economics
  • CFA Charter Holder
Phuong Hoang
  • 4-year experience as Marketing Director
  • 6-year experience in the fields of Marketing, Sales, & Data Analytics
Cuong Ha
  • Senior Manager at FPT Software
  • 10 years experience in Software Development
  • 5 years experience in Blockchain Development
  • PMP Certification
Giang Nguyen
  • 9 years experience working as Senior Software Developer and Game Developer.
  • 3 years experience as CPO of VGC Game Publisher Co Ltd.
  • 2 years experience as Product Manager of “Virtual Gaming” – Game Studio.




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