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MetaGear IDO Whitelist

MetaGear -The world’s first blockchain-based pixel combat game.

MetaGear is a game that shows creativity in assembling robots to fight. Challenge yourself with a wide variety of game modes.

MetaGear IDO Whitelist

JOIN WHITELIST: https://onetask.io/ref/ZZV3-OHUWO41

Join now and get ready for our upcoming IDO
🚀 Price: $0.027
🚀 MetaGear will sell: $100/slot
🚀 Total slots: 350 (Top 50 referrals will be guaranteed, 300 will be random luck)
🚀Opening: 9:00AM (UTC) on January 10, 2022
🚪Closing: 9:00AM (UTC) on January 16, 2022Rewards for Top Whitelist Referrals
🥇 1st place: 03 Premium Blueprints
🥈 2nd place: 02 Premium Blueprints
🥉 3rd place: 04 Blueprints

⚡️ Grab your mouse and keyboard, complete all of the tasks below 👇👇👇

👌 The more entries you get, the higher chance you have for winning
⛔️ Dont using Address from Exchange or Custodial Wallet (as Coinbase, Binance , Houbi, etc..) or you can’t claim token
✋ Any cheating or unreal behaviors will be eliminated immediately
❤️ Thank you for your participation and good luck in the competition!

📣 All update about Whitelist result will be updated at MetaGear social channels!

About MetaGear

MetaGear is inspired by the intense battles between supercars in the popular TV show ”ROBOT WARS”, which opens up a modern Pixel world – Metaverse. In this world, players act as inventors and design their own war machines. Each machine part has its own features and can be fused for endless possibilities. Players have 4game modes to choose from: Campaign, PvP, Tournament, and Guild. With skills, creativity and a touch of luck, you shall declare victory in battles and earn valuable NFTs.

With 10 years of experience in developing mobile games, our mission is to bring the best experiences to gamers. MetaGear is not just a means of entertainment, but an investment as well, and is not time-consuming at all. With these special features, we would like to proudly present an epic Metaverse, with the best P2E mechanics out there.

Rocket Studio is a member of Onesoft, established in 2009. Rocket Studio, a team with more than 100 employees with many years of experience in gaming production and operation on the client and mobile platforms, has had huge achievements from our games with more than 300M+ downloads on Google Play and App Store. With a large number of users playing Space shooter — Galaxy attack on Google Play store, we have proved our success, and we have created an entirely new genre of online fighting game that adapts with blockchain to bring the best experience for crypto users. With our strategic partnership with OnePad — a company with many years in building and developing the blockchain ecosystem, we have together created MetaGear to mark our breakthrough in online gaming integration with blockchain technology. With Onepad’s technical platform under the advice of top technology corporations in Vietnam, operating mechanisms and security are our top priorities.

“Being an advocate is an advantage but the quality is what’s solid.” We chose the quality of the product to be our core value rather than having a community premier when the game wasn’t fully-geared like other projects at the moment. As experienced game developers, we have objective insights into NFT gaming. We realized that most of the projects only focus on market FOMO, Investors’ interests, not on the fact that they need to improve the product value and users’ experience. Immediately when NFT Gaming was taking off, there were multiple game projects published in such a short time, yet they didn’t invest enough in their products; or worse, they couldn’t launch their games, which damaged the community as well investors. We have been observing and assessing many NFT game products, we also got many offers to consult for game projects development. With a team full of experience in the crypto market, side by side with a game development team with 12 years of experience, MetaGear is developed under the motto of creating a core value of product quality. Other than focusing on product quality, we have planned a roadmap for long-term growth and ecosystem expansion in the future. Players can participate in voting for feature developments in the MetaGear ecosystem, towards the common good of the community. In addition, with our partners including multiple big agencies all over the world, MetaGear will be the first blockchain strategic product for the Metaverse Ad Network Ecosystem.

Further information about the company and the project can be found at:

🌐 MetaGear Website: https://metagear.game
🌐 OnePad Website: https://onepad.com/
🔥 Facebook: https://metagear.game/facebook
⚡️ Telegram Channel: https://t.me/MetaGearOfficial
⚡️ Telegram Group Chat: https://t.me/MetaGearGlobalGroup
📌 Discord: https://metagear.game/discord
🎯 Twitter: https://twitter.com/MetaGearGame
🌏 Medium: https://metagearofficial.medium.com/
💣 Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/MetaGearOfficial
📌 Tiktok: https://metagear.game/tiktok
🎥 Youtube: https://metagear.game/youtube



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