MechaChain Public Sale Whitelist on PlayPad

MechaChain is a 3D P2E video game of combat robots called “Mechas” &  space conquest, providing experiences like Customizing the Mechas, Mecha Warfare, NFT Market, Conquering the Galaxy.

MechaChain Public Sale Whitelist on PlayPad


• 1000 winners total
• 100-300$ allocation

? Apply until 20:59 UTC February 21

Initial Circulation: 42.000.000 MECHA – Initial Market Cap: $1.500.000

Vesting: 20% TGE, Then 20% Montly,

Networks: ETH & MATIC, Total Whitelist Allocation: $100.000 – Price: $0,7

Whitelist: 11th Feb 09:00 PM UTC – 21st Feb 09:00 PM UTC (10 Days)

Total 1.000 Whitelist Winner

100 Winners from Top Referrals – 900 Random Winners – 500 Random Spare

Winners Announcement: 22th Feb 09:00 am UTC​

!!! KYC is mandatory for Public Sale !!! 

KYC Link

Final 1.000 Winners List with KYC: 23rd Feb 09:00 am UTC​

Public Sale: 24th Feb 09:00 am UTC

(FCFS Round Only for KYC Approved Final Winners)

Min. 100 BUSD – Max. 300 BUSD

About MechaChain


Company: EthernalHorizons
Project : Mechachain
Contact :
MechaChain is a 3D play-to-earn video game about robot combat and space conquest. Each robot, called “Mecha”, is a collection of NFT composed of robot parts, which can be purchased online with the game cryptocurrency called Mechanium, Ethereum, or by card. These parts once assembled give birth to a robot in a PvP fighting video game.
The player earns Mechanium by winning battles, and can trade and buy new parts to become the best MechaChain pilot.


Romàn Czerny – co-CEO

Marketing management, visibility and partnerships.
Co-manager of EcomFrenchTouch with more than 127k Youtube subscribers and 84k Instagram followers

Maxime le Morillon – co-CEO

Marketing management, visibility and partnerships.
Co-manager of EcomFrenchTouch with more than 127k Youtube subscribers and 84k Instagram followers

Frank Houbre – COO

Project management and goal achievement.
Co-founder of MyMusicTeacher (online guitar learning, 300k students) and BusinessDynamite (E-commerce training, 350k visitors/month).

Thibaut Dumont – CTO / Game Director

Technology management and product vision
Developer of Maere : When lights die (VR game, 120K players, 5M views), Unity3D/ARKit expert

Business model:

  • Creation of an in-game tokenomics based on an ERC20 $MECHA utility token.
  • Regular production and sale of new Mechas and NFT planets.
  • Commission on each transaction.
  • Injecting parts of the profits into marketing, business development and in-game economy.
  • NFT real estate staking and passive income system.
  • Unique assembly concept of NFT.
  • Proposal breaking with simplistic play-to-earn games.
  • Immense potential and market with the mobile-first approach.
  • In the front line of the upcoming VR revolution.
  • Effective marketing power and engaged community.
  • Experienced entrepreneurs.


The tokenomia is centered around two types of assets: the Mechanium $MECHA utility token and the NFTs constituting the Mechas and planets. A total quantity of 100,000,000 Mechaniums will be issued and distributed as follows:
  • Growth fund managed by the DAO: 8% company operation and marketing.
  • Private sale: 15% of the tokens on sale.
  • Public sale: 7% of tokens on sale.
  • Staking rewards: 28% staking rewards for holders.
  • Play-to-Earn managed by the DAO: 22% to run the game economy (player rewards).
  • Advisors: 5%.
  • Founders: 10% tokens reserved for founders.
  • Dev studio: 5% tokens reserved for collaborators and employees of the project, as well as for the development studio.
The Growth Fund and Play-To-Earn pools will be governed by DAO.

Objectives of the MechaChain tokenomia
Tokenomics is at the heart of the MechaChain project and its implementation is a way for us to offer new perspectives in video games:
  • Bypassing the usual e-sport circuits to make competition and remuneration through the game (Play-to-Earn) accessible to the greatest number and more remunerative.
  • Decentralize the ownership and the in-game economy to make it fairer, more transparent and open.
  • Partially decentralize game governance to put the players and the community at the center of development.
  • Offer passive income to investors and companies supporting the game.



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