Massive Multi-Project May Giveaway

Massive Multi-Project May Giveaway Contest


? To celebrate the partnership between our projects, we are holding a massive contest to giveaway prizes! ?

The participants: Bit Hotel, SolChicks, Attack Wagon Games, SharkRace, iMe Messenger & Crypto Wallet, DeFit Move 2 Earn, UniqueThings,, Adanimals, Spores Network, Ookeenga, Aotuverse, LoveLace, Lithium Ventures, Age of Tanks, GetKicks, Forcepad, Memoverse, and Elysian.

?$20.000 in prizes to be shared!?

Fill in all the fields below to have a chance to win any of the prizes!

> $2000 in $BTH tokens

> $1000 in $CHICKS tokens

> $1000 in $SHRK tokens

>$1000 in $DEFIT tokens

>$1000 in $ATK tokens

> $1000 in $UNIQUE tokens

> $1000 in $LACE tokens

>$1000 in $AOT tokens

> $1000 in $BUSD by Breach

> $1000 in $SPO Tokens

> $1000 in $ANIMAL

> $1000 in $USDT by Ookeenga

> $1000 in $IONs tokens

> $1000 in $LIME tokens

> $1000 in $BUSD by GetKicks

> $1000 in $SST tokens

> $1000 in $BUSD by ForcePad

> $1000 in $BUSD by Memoverse

> $1000 in $BUSD by Elysian

50 people who completed all the entries will be randomly selected as winners!  Tokens will be airdropped after winners are chosen.

> Winners will share the prizes!  Approximately $20,000 in prizes to be won!

The more entries you have, the more chances you have to win rewards. Don’t forget to add your wallet address below! Refer friends for extra entries!

? Good Luck to all Whitelist Alert Family ?


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