M2E NFT Airdrop Global Event

? The NFT project leads the movement against abuse, harassment of women, and issues related to women’s rights. ?
? #Metoo is a powerful phrase supported by artists around the world. Typically, female singer Lady Gaga, actress America Ferrera, … and many other famous artists.

? The M2W NFT project has received the support of 50 artists, among those who voiced support for #Metoo

M2E NFT Airdrop Global Event

JOIN AIRDROP: https://wn.nr/X9XFXn

? Reward: 10 WhiteList:
▫️ 5 – Tier 1: buy on website (https://app.me2woman.com/) (14:00 UTC 2022.07.20
▫️ 5 – Tier 2: buy on PinkSale (Coming Soon)

⏰ Start time: 13:00 AM (UTC) | July 18, 2022
⏰ End Time: 5:00 AM (UTC) | 22/07/2022

? 10 for winners of the following tasks

?Complete all quests
? Send details
? send wallet address in app

About M2W NFT

#MeToo is a social movement against sexual abuse, sexual harassment, and rape culture, in which people publicize their experiences of sexual abuse or sexual harassment.

You wanna help woman, so do we! Working towards eradicating sexual violence by shifting culture, policies, and institutions.


We are an organization of female artists who have been supporting #Metoo Movement since 2018. We want to promote #Metoo Movement in the crypto market by combining music and visual art, turning them into unique NFTs.

Metoo NFT

How to get METOO NFT:
  • First 125 METOO NFT will be minted, through METOO platform.
  • Buy NFT in marketplace
Utility of METOO NFT:
  • Staking, to earn $METOO
  • Proof of your contribution to #metoo activity
  • To earn reward from $METOO trading volume
  • The original METOO NFTs is METOO GENESIS. Owning METOO GENESIS will earn you the whitelist slots for next other METOO NFT projects.
  • The rights to get access to Metoo NFT holder’s channels on Metoo discord – where will publish the newest information about METOO project as well as projects that co-operated with or sponsored by METOO project.

$METOO Token

How to get $METOO:
  • Swap BUSD, BNB on DEX (pancake, poocoin, uniswap, 1inch, dydx…)
  • Staking METOO NFT
  • Through airdrop/bounty, by joining METOO’s events.
Utility of $METOO:
  • Trading on Dex
  • Buying NFT on metaverse gallery.
  • Use on features of METOO platform: marketplace, swap, farm, pool
  • Slippage fees: total 12%
  • 4% for the development team
  • 4% for the marketing team
  • 2% will be used as a reward for NFT holders
  • 2% used to donate to the women’s fund
  • Buying whitelist spot of hot projects cooperated with/sponsored by METOO project


Pre-sales 5%: TGE 50%
Public 12%: TGE 70%
Reserve fund 5%: Cliff 6 months, 5%/month
Community 78%: 3%/month (Airdrop 3% of max supply, 3000 winners, each winners will get 10,000 $METOO)
  • Total supply: 1B $METOO
  • Public Sales price: 1 BNB = 100,000 $METOO
  • Pre-sales price: 1 BNB = 200,000 $METOO
 We believe that every woman is a work of art herself, so why not create NFT collections that represent the beauty and wonder of women.
  • Token MeToo
  • MeToo NFT Marketplace
  • Me2llary
  • Huge social and global movement acceptance


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