Lunaverse IDO Whitelist on NFTPad

🌎 Lunaverse is a 3D virtual world Metaverse built on the Terra blockchain 🔥
A virtual world built on Terra Blockchain. Explore stunning, real-life replicated cities, build a property empire, develop and customize it while being rewarded, interact with terra based protocols all in the Lunaverse.

Lunaverse IDO Whitelist on NFTPad


Lunaverse IGO starts: February 3rd, 11:00 UTC on NFTPad
Total Public Allocation: $100K
A total reward worth $5,000 worth of $LUV tokens (at IGO price) 🔥
Total Winners: 100
Prize/Allocation: $25 worth of $LUV @ IGO price
Each winner will have a guaranteed opportunity to invest $25 in the pre-public round of Lunaverse on TrustPad.

🔸 How to participate?
Simply enter your details, and follow the steps below to enter the competition to win an allocation worth $25 of $LUV (at listing price)   👊

🔸 Top 15 referrers will get Guaranteed Allocations!

Invite your friends to join the campaign with the referral link below,
and the Top 15 referrers will get a guaranteed allocations, the remaining 85 will be randomly chosen.
💡 Follow the steps below to enter: more actions = more chances to win ✌️
The winners will be announced on TrustPad’s Twitter and Telegram Ann Channel!

Good Luck!

About Lunaverse

A virtual world built on Terra Blockchain. Explore stunning, real-life replicated cities, build a property empire, develop and customize it while being rewarded, interact with terra based protocols all in the Lunaverse.

The Lunaverse will consist of NFT buildings which can be purchased, developed and sold. Lunaverse will allow monetization through rewards from owning NFTs, advertising, sponsorship, building redevelopments as well as play to earn.

By integrating our super high resolution, engineering grade spatially accuracy 3D models within Unreal Engine, Lunaverse will leverage technology and IRL, Terra and other blockchain partnerships to create stunning visualisations and user experiences.

What to expect

We have an exciting development roadmap which is designed to keep our global community engaged and immersed in all things Lunaverse!

• Yield bearing NFTs

• Ability to renovate NFT buildings (depending on your empire building strategy)

• Interior design options

• Logic and skill based mini games

• Different game logic, modes and experiences per city

• Play to Earn rewards with leaderboards and spontaneous prizes and giveaways

• Social interactions and experiences

• Dedicated marketplace

• DAO governance

• Built on Terra – Cheap, fast and secure transactions, easy to use interface.

• Various exciting partnership integrations

Yield Bearing NFTs

Property NFTs are linked to a deposit in a DEFI protocol, generating yield for NFT owners. The purchase price sets the amount of the deposit with half of the yield paid to the NFT holder with the other half of the yield reinvested in the deposit, building the utility and rewards for the Holder

Lunaverse has various of NFTs. Building NFTs aren’t the only NFTs Lunaverse will be releasing. People/Occupations, Partners, Art and others will become available at the relevant time, all of which will provide the holders with different rewards or utility. Lunaverse brings a unique concept to our building NFTs: linking them to DeFi protocols:
  • When a property is purchased, 90% of the purchase price gets deposited into a specific DeFi protocol that the property is based on (eg. Anchor 19 – 20% APY).10% is reinvested for Lunaverse operations.
  • 50% of the return from that DeFi protocol is paid out in LUV tokens and the remaining stays in the contract for compounding.
  • The owner of the property then receives an equivalent dollar value in LUV tokens (ie. “rent”).
  • A building owner can forgo APY returns and sell off or rent levels.
  • If a building NFT has 56 levels, the owner can execute 56 new NFTs.

Will you visit your NFT every day?

Lunaverse cities

Lunaverse will kick off in San Francisco and Las Vegas. We also envision NFT holders and stakers will receive benefits, which may include free minting opportunities or whitelisting, when new cities are released.

Future cities will be rolled out strategically and will include Melbourne, Miami Beach, New York, Sydney and Los Angeles. We also have some European cities and Busan on our radar. Outside of these cities, future governance will drive new city acquisitions and integration, storyline and gameplay capabilities.

The tech

  • We aim to create a high fidelity metaverse that can be accessed through a range of devices, integrated with Terra.
  • Lunaverse will use the Unreal Engine game engine, Cesium (geospatial software) and various technologies and integrations to power its virtual world.
  • Cesium is integrated with Unreal Engine Editor, Actors and Components, Blueprints, and other UE features to enable a high degree of interactivity, physical realism, and photorealism to create amazing experiences.



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