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Lunaverse Early Bird Sale Whitelist

Lunaverse is a virtual world built on the Terra blockchain, a combination of realistic 3D real city models and NFT properties linked to yield bearing deposits on DeFi protocols.

Lunaverse IDO Whitelist

Lunaverse is currently spinning up as we approach our IDO. We want to give our community members a special opportunity to acquire our $LUV tokens at listing price.. We’re giving 1200 lucky participants each a whitelisted spot in our early bird sale and a chance to purchase at least $330 UST worth of $LUV tokens.

JOIN WHITELIST: https://sweepwidget.com/view/43985-z1mwli03/xuh9vf-43985

  • Do the stated tasks in SweepWidget for entries into the pool.
  • The entry period will close on January 13, 2022, at 11:59 PM UTC.
  • 1200 Wallet Addresses will be randomly selected from the entries.
  • Selected Wallet Addresses will be announced via our socials.

Token Ticker: $LUV

Total Supply: 2B

Early Bird Sale Raise: $400,000

Early Bird IDO Price: $0.04

Vesting Schedule: 10% TGE + 6 month Linear Vesting

Good luck to all participants 😊

About Lunaverse

Where the digital world meets the real world. NFT buildings x DeFi protocols x metaverse x gaming.


Lunaverse is a virtual world built on the Terra blockchain, a combination of realistic 3D real city models and NFT properties linked to yield bearing deposits on DeFi protocols.

Our world, your Lunaverse

An exact replica of the existing world, with 3D city models coming soon to future iterations.

Approximately 7 square miles in San Francisco is where the Lunaverse digital economy will be born!

Global LOD (level of detail) building models and super high resolution 3D models are at our fingertips for a range of cities, for our specific use case. Gameplay may include travel adventures to these cities, special mining activities and secret scouting missions!

The tech

  • We aim to create a high fidelity metaverse that can be accessed through a range of devices, integrated with Terra.
  • Lunaverse GAME 2.0 will use the Unreal Engine game engine and Cesium (geospatial software) to power its virtual world.
  • Cesium is integrated with Unreal Engine Editor, Actors and Components, Blueprints, and other UE features to enable a high degree of interactivity, physical realism, and photorealism to create amazing experiences.

Yield Bearing Utility NFTs

Lunaverse has 3 types of NFTs (buildings, partners and people). Lunaverse brings a unique concept to our building NFTs: linking them to DeFi protocols:

  • When a property is purchased, 80% of the purchase price gets deposited into a specific DeFi protocol that the property is based on (eg. Anchor).
  • 80% of the return from that DeFi protocol is sent to the treasury and 20% is reinvested.
  • The owner of the property then receives an equivalent dollar value in LUV tokens from the treasury (ie. “rent”).
  • These tokens initially come from the “yield farming” allocation, but once that has run out they will be bought from the market.
  • A building owner can forgo APY returns and sell off or rent levels.
  • If a building NFT has 56 levels, the owner can execute 56 new NFTs.

Will you visit your NFT every day?

The $LUV token is the native token of the Lunaverse, it will be used to transact on our marketplace, pay for advertising and sponsorships, power our P2E economy as well as reward liquidity providers and will be supported by our buyback and burn deflationary tokenomics.



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