LimeWire Token (LMWR) Public Token Sale Whitelist

Join the official waitlist to be among the first to be notified about the public token sale, invite your friends, climb the leaderboard and win up to 100,000 LMWR.

LimeWire Token (LMWR) Public Token Sale Whitelist


Deadline: May 2nd 2023

Each time your referral link is used by someone, your rank will improve. Our top 4,000 inviters win prizes of up to 100,000 LMWR.

$1.5 Million in Prize Value.
Our top performing inviters win a combined prize value of up to $1.5 million US dollars, paid in LMWR tokens.
Rank Prize
Rank #1 wins 100,000 LMWR (USD $30,000)
Ranks #2 — 6 each win 50,000 LMWR (USD $15,000)
Ranks #7 — 4,000 each win 100 LMWR (USD $30)
1 LimeWire Original NFT (USD $750)

About LimeWire Token (LMWR)

LMWR will be deeply integrated into all aspects of the LimeWire platform. Perks range from token rewards in exchange for loyalty and activity, to community voting rights and discounts all the way to royalty distribution.


LimeWire, the once beloved platform that helped millions of users in the early 2000’s to discover their favorite music, is back, to once again reinvent how fans and artists share content and interact with each other.

The new LimeWire is a platform for content creators, artists and brands to create membership-based communities for their most passionate fans.

We aim to help content creators build a recurring revenue stream by providing a platform and framework for direct fan membership. In turn, fans receive exclusive content, access to a private community, the ability to directly communicate with the artists and brands they love, and become a part of their journey.

Through blockchain technology, we make exclusive content and assets ownable and tradeable, allowing fans to not only consume exclusive content but also to directly participate in the success of the creators they support.

In short, the new LimeWire is the first Web3 subscription platform for artists, brands and creators.

Vision: The LimeWire Ecosystem

LimeWire’s long-term vision is to bring ownership to the creator economy by creating a decentralized content and community platform:

  • 1. Launch of LimeWire Subscriptions.
  • 2. Introducing the LimeWire Token (LMWR).
  • 3. Enabling LMWR Rewards.
  • 4. Establishing LMWR as platform token.
  • 5. Implementing Pay-per-View (PPV) and royalty sharing in LMWR.

The project is designed for scale, comprised of several key components that are all tied together by the LimeWire Token (LMWR) at the heart of the ecosystem:

LimeWire Ecosystem


The LMWR tokenomics have been designed with a focus on the long-term vision of the LimeWire platform. The total supply of the LimeWire Token is fixed at 1,000,000,000 (1 billion) with no inflationary capabilities; the total supply will never increase.

The majority of the LMWR allocation is intended to go back to the community, including a 1 million LMWR allocation to be awarded evenly to all LimeWire Originals holders for each Original held on the LimeWire platform – right after the Public Sale.

Token Loyalty Tiers

Public Sale

The Public Sale of the LimeWire Token will take place in April 2023, with 100 million LMWR in total available for sale and 3 purchasing options:

(i) Community Pre-Sale: $0.16 per token, with no lockup and a 3 month linear release.

(ii) Public Sale Option I: $0.20 per token, with a 6 month lockup and a 6 month linear release.

(iii) Public Sale Option II: $0.30 per token, with no lockup or vesting period.

Lockups and subsequent vesting for all token allocations will begin simultaneously at the time of the Token Distribution Event – i.e. when the initial circulating supply is sent out to the Public Sale Option II participants. This will be in shortly after the Public Sale is concluded.

To stay up-to-date, please sign up to our waitlist.


 Milestones to Date

Since re-launching the LimeWire brand in early 2022, we have reached a number of important milestones, and have even more exciting plans for the years ahead.

LimeWire Timeline

Roadmap Ahead

Find below the roadmap ahead for LimeWire:

LimeWire Timeline



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