LaunchPAD TG DAO 3.0 Airdrop Campaign

TG DAO 3.0 is TG Ecosystem’s launchpad for investing in conventional and crypto startups. All launchpad investors are considered to be co-owners and take part in the decision-making process for the launchpad functions.

LaunchPAD TG DAO 3.0 Airdrop Campaign

$30,000 worth of TGDAO tokens for 5,000 participants!

It’s simple: run the bot , complete 4 quick tasks, and you have a chance!

Complete a 4 simple tasks and get cool prizes at the start of a cool project:

Step #1 of 4. Join the TG DAO 3.0 Telegram group

Step #2 of 4. Enter your Metamask wallet

Step #3 of 4. Retweet the TG DAO Airdrop Event tweet ( (pinned on top) and tag 3 of your best friends with hashtags: #defi #btc #bsc #eth #tgdao #gem and tag a crypto opinion leader of your choice: @elonmusk, @VitalikButerin, @aantop, @TimDraper, @SatoshiLite, @APompliano, @ErikVoorhees, @IvanOnTech, @BVBTC, @danheld, @LayahHeilpern, @KennethBosak, @BinanceChain, @binance , @pancakeswap. Then send the link to your retweet

Step #4 of 4. Share the bot with your contacts.
Each of your contacts that register through the bot gives you an additional 1 raffle ticket.

About LaunchPAD TG DAO 3.0

Launchpad TG DAO 3.0 is a unique crowdfunding platform that combines tools for attracting investment and business development. We not only help crypto startups to attract investors’ money but also support new businesses on their way to formation and development.

TG DAO features

Launchpad TG DAO 3.0 offers the following features:

  • Assistance in the selection of a team and partners. Team acceleration.
  • Testing and formation of the sales market
  • Provides an environment for testing the product under development.
  • Providing access to the technological resources of the TG Ecosystem.
  • Assistance in developing a marketing campaign and providing access to promotion channels
  • Enterprise-grade data protection.
  • Collection of investments in different blockchains
  • Token listing
  • Assistance in raising funds from various types of funds (including state ones)
  • Support system for startups after receiving investment


TG DAO 3.0 tokenomics involves 2 types of tokens: TGDAO and WGNR.


A token that allows you to receive allocations for investing in TG DAO 3.0 startups if investors have it on their accounts.


Wrapped version of GNR.
A token that allows for the buying and selling of allocations into TG DAO 3.0 crypto and conventional startups.

Fund Quantity Price
Private A (Seed)
Lock-up: 6 months. Vesting: 5 months, linear.
7,000,000 $0.06
Private B ( KOL, Influencers)
Lock-up: 1 months. Vesting: 12 months, linear.
6,000,000 $0.07
Private C (Crypto Funds)
Lock-up: 3 months. Vesting: 12 months, linear.
6,000,000 $0.08
Public Partner`s Round
Lock-up: 3 months. Vesting: 12 months, linear.
625,000 $0.08
Public Sale
Lock-up: n/a . Vesting: 3 months, linear.
2,500,000 $0.12
Lock-up: 12 months. Vesting: 12 months, linear.
Lock-up: n/a. Vesting: n/a.
Lock-up: 2 weeks. Vesting: 36 months, linear.
Lock-up: 6 months. Vesting: 18 months, linear.
Lock-up: 6 months. Vesting: 12 months, linear.
Launch team
Lock-up: 3 months. Vesting: 12 months, linear.
Development team
Lock-up: 6 months. Vesting: 40 months, linear.
TG DAO 3.0 Reserve
Lock-up: 6 months. Vesting: 24 months, linear.




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