Kronos DAO Community Giveaway

Kronos DAO is the next evolution of the reserve currency protocol.

Kronos DAO Community Giveaway


Price: 20,000 USD IN $KRONOS

  • 500 lucky winners will receive $10 each in KRONOS ($KRONOS)
  • 500 lucky winners will receive $20 each in KRONOS ($KRONOS)
  • 10 top referrals will receive $500 each in KRONOS ($KRONOS)

Winners will be announced at the end of the AIRDROP

$KRONOS will be released 7 days after the launch of KRONOS DAO


About Kronos DAO


Kronos DAO is the next evolution of the reserve currency protocol.

Our goals go beyond simple market capitalization. Kronos DAO introduced the FUTURE Fund: 15% of our treasury and bond profits to invest in high-quality crypto startups, helping them grow early on and effectively transforming the DAO into an on-chain venture fund. Kronos DAO will also build its own protocols, with all commission flows benefiting KRONOS token holders.

We focus on utilizing our treasury and generating returns for investors by building, incubating and investing in early stage projects – opportunities that aren’t typically available to the average investor. Kronos DAO will also explore ways to generate risk-free returns on our stablecoins, in order to turn them into productive assets also thanks to our NFTs.

Kronos DAO is developing an advanced Crypto incubator to cultivate, and invest in a variety of protocols. Decentralization is one of the key elements within the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Decentralized finance, especially, has taken an integral part of the development, pushing its limit drastically with the help of the community and blockchain technology.

The protocol Kronos DAO follows the in the bonding/staking mechanism that Olympus DAO first introduced. This first-of-a-kind DAO will develop and nurture projects in-house, KRONOS token will drive an incubation strategy, helping other early-stage projects with growth, marketing, and investment.

Kronos DAO aims to utilize a small portion of this treasury to fund the innovative development of new protocols having investment exposure to them in their earliest stages with only allocating 15% of the treasury, so even if some projects are unsuccessful, 85% of the treasury is intact, providing a floor value for our token KRONOS. The DAO committee will govern the use of the treasury set aside for new projects, deciding which types of projects to invest in as well as allocated amounts.

Kronos DAO token

Kronos DAO ($KRONOS) is our native governance token which will be used to govern the DAO.

The DAO will have voting power for major protocol decisions and treasury management.

KRONOS has launched natively on Cronos chain & Binance Smart Chain and is available for swapping on VVS finance & PancakeSwap. We plan to expand to cross-chain in the future.

Kronos DAO will focus on marketing and increasing its exposure to the greater mass at its early stage. A group of community managers will be organized for both community building and public reaching out.

The incubation is an innovative system with following advantages:
Treasury — a low level of exposure to projects that can yield explosive growth and value creation;

Early exposure to new innovative protocols. The Kronos DAO Team will be building these projects ourselves increasing probability of success;

Community — community of token holders will play a significant role in helping these projects gain recognition, traction and usage. We expect our KRONOS token to play a significant role in allowing holders to participate in the growth of upcoming projects as well.

Token Supply

KRONOS DAO have a Total Diluted Supply of 10,000,000 $KRONOS.

  • 20% for Community Sale
  • 40% for Public Sale to build treasury
  • 20% for Token Team (locked for one year)
  •   9% for marketing
  •  10% for initial liquidity providing
  •    1% for AIRDROPS and GIVEAWAY

Please refer to our Launch & Tokenomics Medium article and Telegram channel for more details.

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