Kaisen Inu Presale Whitelist

This is the competition for people who would like to join Kaisen Inu Presale as the whitelisted. No holding requirements.

Kaisen Inu Presale Whitelist

JOIN WHITELIST: https://wn.nr/gPgLyM

Register before 12:00 AM utc, May 7th

Total 35 whitelist slots for community. 5 slots for top referrals. 30 slots randomly. Besides, top 5 will get extra reward:

Top 1: 50 busd

Top 2: 40 busd

Top 3: 30 busd

Top 4: 20 busd

Top 5: 10 busd

Contract: 0xE3021505D15Dce585709b2Be70a722BfcdB4D768

Unicrypt link: https://app.unicrypt.network/amm/pancake-v2/ilo/0x6F5b31fc8817b656d019b34C7B66344e53352f66

Round 0 starts at 2:00 PM utc, May 2nd

Hard Cap: 120 BNB

Price: 5,000,000 KAI/BNB

About Kaisen Inu

Kaisen Inu is a meme token for community which is built on BNB smart chain. We have a vision to help poor people just like Jujutsu Sorcerers did, protect the weaknesses, and provide happiness for others. Also, contract ownership is gonna be renounced for the best trust from the community.

Token functions

There will be 3% taxed for both buy and sell fee


In order to maintain the best chart for Kaisen Inu, 1% will be for adding liquidity.

Charity campaign

Based on our main mission: helping poor beings and providing human rights protection worldwide, 1% of tax will be for charity campaign especially in India.


Web3 which is known as Web 3.0 and sometimes stylized as web3 is an idea for a new iteration of the world wide web, based on blockchain technology and adoption, which incorporates concepts such as decentralization and token-based economics. Kaisen Inu understands the useful function of Web3 in blockchain world. Also, CZ Binance is totally focusing on this section because of its contributions to modern life. Therefore, DAO funding will be arranged through the last 1% tax for spreading the Web3 awareness. This fund will support Web3 start-ups worldwide. If you are a team of Web3 developers, feel free to reach us for further information. Kaisen Inu, we’re providing happiness.
Kaisen Inu, we’re providing happiness.


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