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✅JIO is a platform for Web3, Gamefi . The project is opening Whitelist by using social network accoutn and Metamask wallet.

JIO Verse Whitelist

Rewards: 3 NFTs with 3 roles

✅ Guide:

1/Join this:

2/ Connect Twitter, Meta, Discord

3/ Do some following tasks:

– Invite friends: 50 Points
– Reply Twitter: 50 Points
– Follow: 15 Points

JIO Journey and our Whitelist Process

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of JIO Journey, a web-based experience that marks the start of a thriving JIO tech ecosystem. JIO Journey will serve as a wallet collection tool, Discord invitation platform, and the primary way for our followers to earn allowlist.

You may have already encountered the mysterious @JIOArtificer on Twitter, who has been graciously granting dedicated JIO followers golden Overdrive tablets. These tablets have been designed by the artificer to locate the mysterious and powerful artifacts scattered across JIO.

After connecting to JIO Journey, the Artificer will provide you with a tablet and guide you through the process of upgrading that tablet to discover your own rare artifact.

Connect your Twitter
Connect your Twitter

When using the JIO Journey app, you will be prompted to connect your Twitter, crypto wallet, and Discord accounts. It is crucial to connect the specific accounts you wish to use, as changes cannot be made once the accounts are synced. The wallet you connect will be added to the final allowlists before mint, and the connected Discord account will determine your role within our Discord server.

Once your accounts are connected, you will gain access to a set of activities that will earn you points when you complete them. The activities range from engaging on Twitter to referring friends to the project. Your point total will play a crucial role in advancing through JIO Journey and securing your allowlist.

Please ensure that you connect the correct accounts and actively participate in the provided activities to enhance your chances of recognition and promotion within our community. We have three distinct roles that can be earned, each of which corresponds to a unique tablet state:

JIO Journey Activities
JIO Journey Activities


Loaded Tablet

Loaded Tablet

Loaded is the first tier that can be earned via JIO Journey, and signifies users who are on our waitlist. These followers will have early access to Discord and are well on their way to acquiring the Locked (whitelist) role. Users with the Loaded role will be prioritized when we promote users to the Locked role. Loaded followers will have their own mint phase – on a first-come, first-served basis.


Locked Tablet

Locked Tablet

The Locked role represents our whitelist participants who are guaranteed a mint spot during our mint phase. Followers who receive a Locked spot have been reviewed and hand selected by our team on the basis of their activity and other outstanding factors.


Overdrive Tablet

Overdrive Tablet

This role is exclusively reserved for our most dedicated followers who consistently contribute the highest value to our community. This can be demonstrated through various means such as creating high-quality threads, sharing fan art, and providing unwavering support. The selection process for Overdrive members is meticulous and conducted by our team. As a token of appreciation, these users will be entitled to a free mint.

Overdrive members can still earn our Locked role if they have not already and secure a mint spot, and Locked members can also earn Overdrive for outstanding contributions.

Step into JIO 🌐⚡️

JIO is building innovative experiences that connect communities across the physical and digital.

Coming out of stealth after a year in development, JIO marks the culmination of effort from a stacked squad. The core team is composed of engineers from Google and Amazon, Web2 execs, and an art team led by Daryl Tan, Lead Concept Artist for Overwatch 2.

At the heart of JIO is a passion for inventing technology to go where no one has gone before. With JIO’s first collection, the team aimed beyond a traditional generative project with stock-standard perks.

More will be revealed in time, but expect a collection that interweaves worldbuilding with character-design to enhance the unique personality of each piece. Accompanying the collection will be a tech platform that enables unique experiences for holders and sets the stage for the future endeavors of the brand.

More about the JIO story

Enter JIO, a world where the boundaries between physical and virtual reality have been erased by technology. Here, digital creations can be materialized and physical objects are easily transported to the virtual world. In JIO, play and experimentation have become ways of life, drawing netizens from all corners of the metaverse to compete in games and challenges.

When Kenji, a boy raised by his penniless grandmother, stumbles upon a mysterious artifact, the strange abilities it grants him make his dreams of becoming a top player a reality. With his discovery, Kenji is thrust headfirst into a world of fierce competition where he must race to unlock his newfound powers to stay afloat. As the stakes increase, Kenji realizes the strange artifact has changed his destiny forever – soon he must fight not just to win, but to preserve the world he knows and save the only family he has left.

Fun Fuels Web3

Today, fun is the fuel that drives the most successful internet products. The app stores have entire sections dedicated to games, and the next-most popular categories are social media and dating apps, which are so heavily gamified that they’re essentially games too. As a successor to the internet, Web3 will be defined by fun even more so than its predecessor, and those projects who harness this potential will lead the space.

While many were drawn to Web3 for the chance at a quick buck, everyone who joined the party was exposed to a playful alternative way of life. Where else can you solve riddles while collecting incredible art, flex your interests in investing and technology, and plug into a diverse and global community? Now that the crypto bubble has burst, those who remain in Web3 are here because they can’t go back to the way things were. They’ve seen the vast and unexplored potential for fun within the space and want to bring that better future into reality. At JIO, we believe the most successful Web3 brands will be the ones who tirelessly push the “fun envelope” and prove to their holders that Web3 can be more engaging than anything Web2 can offer.

Dynamic Collectibles. Where We’ve Been.

I still remember the thrill of buying my first NFT – buying digital collectibles is like opening presents on Christmas day. But there’s still so much room to improve this core experience. Many projects have already dipped their toes into improving the fun factor of buying and holding their NFTs. Here’s a non-exhaustive list of some innovations that have been popular in the space so far:

  • Breeding mechanisms where your collectibles can interact to spawn unique combinations (Cryptokitties, Axie Infinity, among others)
  • Mutation serums and tokens which can be applied/burned to mutate your original art (RTFKT CryptoKicks, Bored Ape Mutants, among others)
  • Multi-stage reveal processes that allow users to play with the game theory and economics of holding or selling their pieces (Renga among others)
  • Staking and loot boxes that reward users for holding their collectibles (Nanopass among others)
  • Re-rolling mechanisms that give users opportunities to have more control over their collectible (Valhalla among others)

All of these mechanisms make digital collectibles more “dynamic”. Recently, the space has begun to see further moves toward gamification, and that pace is rapidly accelerating. As established game studios like Epic Games (Fortnite) and Nexon (Maplestory) make their entry, Web3 projects will face intense pressure to innovate and make their collectibles more fun and dynamic. Luckily, Web3 is on the brink of innovations that finally bring on-chain functionality to parity with what’s possible in Web2 games. The result will be a Cambrian explosion of creativity where projects will be limited only by the depth of their imaginations and engineering talent.

Cryptokitties, Mutant Apes, and The Potatoz - Examples of Dynamic NFTs
Cryptokitties, Mutant Apes, and The Potatoz – Examples of Dynamic NFTs

The Future of Dynamic Collectibles

To get a glimpse of where things are headed, think of how most RPGs work: players collect items through quests and social actions like trade or combat with other players. Players can “equip” these items to their characters in a way that provides aesthetic value but also empowers their character with buffs or abilities that affect core gameplay. These items can be upgraded, scrapped for parts, or crafted into new forms. Generative PFP projects and digital collectibles will soon be just as dynamic as these RPGs.

The first innovation that will pave the way for this next phase will be the emergence of individually collectible and modular traits. Instead of NFTs with immutable metadata, we’ll have dynamic NFTs that hold traits and modifications as separate on-chain collectibles. This world is here today with innovations like ERC-6551 launching in the next few weeks, giving every NFT its own wallet. This will allow all NFTs to hold items and traits in a more customizable and fluid form than a single, hard-to-update metadata file. Many projects are already gearing up to implement this experience, with Stapleverse SAPIENZ, Doodles 2, and more leading the charge. In the coming months, dynamic traits will become table stakes for this new era of utility and customizability.

In a world with individually collectible traits and items, what new and interesting experiences will come to the forefront? At JIO we think of these new forms of functionality in two categories: Conditions and Behaviors. If you want a quick way to understand these terms, think of the sentence: “If (Condition), then “(Behavior)”.

  1. Conditions are the name we give actions or events that can lead to things happening on-chain. In World of Warcraft, a condition could be reaching Level 60, meeting or fighting with a particular NPC, or visiting a certain destination. Some real-life conditions could be meeting with a friend who owns a Bored Ape, purchasing an NFT, staking an NFT for a certain amount of time, or traveling to a real-world location.
  2. Behaviors. Behaviors are on-chain logic that can be coupled with a condition. This is the interesting stuff that happens after you do something. Imagine things like a trait’s metadata updating to increase its rarity, getting airdropped a new trait, unlocking the privilege to mint a limited-edition trait, or even an existing trait being burned.

The exciting part is that conditions and behaviors can be combined and chained together to create incredible interactions. Here are some hypothetical use cases we’ve considered at JIO as we’ve developed our platform:

"If a player is physically located in Japan, they can earn the right to mint a limited edition Japanese katana trait."
“If a player is physically located in Japan, they can earn the right to mint a limited edition Japanese katana trait.”

Real World and Geolocation

  • If a player is physically located in Japan, they can earn the right to mint a limited edition Japanese katana trait.
  • If a player is next to an ocean, they can mint a rare water-based trait, or their base NFT can unlock a water-elemental skin.


  • If a player holding an Azuki physically meets a player holding a CloneX, then both are airdropped a limited edition collaborative art piece or trait.
  • If more than X members of a community are colocated or work together online, they each earn the ability to re-roll a trait into a higher rarity tier.


  • Projects can continuously develop trait “packs” that expand or rework the artwork of the base collection in exciting ways, and share those packs through a variety of means.


  • If the project has a DAO, the DAO can make decisions that impact the rarity of certain traits, or the DAO could affect the base appearance and functionality of the existing traits within the collection.


  • If a wallet has more than 1ETH in it, that player earns the ability to paint a single trait and turn it “Gold”.
  • If the floor price of a project goes above 0.25 ETH, then all holders’ NFTs receive a special new trait variation.

These examples illustrate just a fraction of what’s possible in the future of dynamic collectibles.

Conclusion. Where is JIO Heading?

As engineers, these boundless possibilities are what inspired us to create JIO and the JIO tech platform. We wanted to take part in the frontier of new experiences that will shape opportunities for fun and joy for digital collectors worldwide. In particular, we’re excited about the potential to incentivize greater interactivity within communities and to spark genuine connections between holders. In our next post, we’ll share more about the specific direction of our tech platform and how it enables new “conditions” that will expand the creative horizons of our brand and the space as a whole.


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