IvendPay public sale whitelist on Solanium

We are excited to launch ivendPay on Solanium! By signing up for the whitelist, you get the chance to earn allocation from our staking pool and participate in the ivendPay IDO.

IvendPay public sale whitelist on Solanium

JOIN Whitelist: https://solanium.io/project/ivendpay/?ref=mkfktgyJ

Whitelist start: Tuesday, Jan 23, 2024, 7:00 PM
Sale start: Thursday, Jan 25, 2024, 11:00 PM
Distribution start: Monday, Jan 29, 2024, 11:00 PM
Chain: Binance Smart Chain
Chain ticker: BNB

Partnered with the best: Binance, OKX, ZimaBank, Gate


Easy. Safe. FastivendPay offers a seamless crypto payment platform, integrating with POS terminals, e-commerce, apps and vending machines, bridging the gap between traditional and digital currency transactions.


Shield: Users get 30% on TGE. If price is below IDO price 1 week after TGE we will refund 70% back and no further tokens will be distributed.

IvendPay is a cutting-edge cryptocurrency payment platform designed to bridge the gap between merchants and the crypto community. Our solution allows businesses to seamlessly accept cryptocurrency payments, expanding their customer base and tapping into a rapidly growing market. With our user-friendly interface, merchants can easily integrate crypto payments into their existing systems, whether they operate online or in physical stores.

Our platform is versatile, supporting both Android and iOS applications, making it accessible to a broad audience. Furthermore, we’ve integrated with popular e-commerce plugins, ensuring online businesses can effortlessly offer crypto payment options to their customers.

In our commitment to excellence and broadening our horizons, we’ve established strategic partnerships with leading cryptocurrency exchanges like Binance and Gate. These collaborations not only enhance our platform’s credibility but also provide our users with a seamless and secure transaction experience. With IvendPay, merchants not only get a convenient payment method but also access a new, dynamic, and global customer base ready to spend their crypto.


IvendPay offers:

1. Universal Crypto Payment Integration: Allows businesses to accept a wide range of cryptocurrencies seamlessly.

2. E-commerce Plugins: Enables online stores to integrate crypto payments with popular platforms

3. Mobile Apps: Dedicated applications for both Android and iOS, ensuring a broad user reach.

4. Attract New Audiences: Merchants can tap into the growing crypto community, offering them a familiar payment method.

5. Spend Crypto in Real Life: Provides crypto enthusiasts an avenue to spend their holdings in everyday transactions.

6. Secure Transactions: Advanced security protocols to ensure safe and reliable transactions.

7. POS Integration: Compatibility with existing Point-of-Sale systems for physical stores.

8. Detailed Analytics: Merchants get access to detailed transaction analytics for better business decisions.

9. Global Reach: Designed for global operations, supporting multiple languages and currencies.


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