Interlock Community Sale Whitelist

? Interlock is creating an ecosystem of community-driven security products to protect DeFi. Powered by the $INTR token, we’re here to change the security paradigm with blockchain.


  • At Interlock we are building the future of Cybersecurity in web3.
  • We are Decentalized Security Incentivized for Everyone.
  • The way we see it, community members are strategic partners and should be treated as such.
  • We want our early adoptors and supporters to have the chance to get some skin in the game.
  • With this in mind we have made this application for our Community Sale Whitelist, for those who engage with Interlock leading up to our public sale.

Note: In order to receive whitelist potential please complete all of the following tasks.

▶️ Interlock

▶️ Interlock Website



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