Heroes of Metaverse NFT Sale Whitelist

Heroes of Metaverse is a 3D game with hack and slash elements, where you fight monsters and bosses to collect NFTs and coins.

Heroes of Metaverse NFT Sale Whitelist

JOIN WHITELIST: https://giv.gg/r/SLuBcT-vjLyeh

Do you want to own a limited and exclusive Metaheroes Chest NFT?

They are the first NFt to ever exist in our universe and you will mint unique equipment, weapon , or pets that will NEVER be minted again.


1) Complete all the task bellow

2) Referrals are worth 10 entries


We are giving away 5 Legendary chests for the 5 users with most referrals.

The other 5.000 winners, will be able to buy our Metaheroes Chest, 4 hours earlier than the public sale in our website, that will happen on January 14th.

Each winner will have the chance to buy as many chests as they want. They will mint the most unique, rare and exclusive Metaheroes NFTs ever.

About Heroes of Metaverse

The Heroes of Metaverse game is in the Play-To-Earn genre. The players travel the “Metaheroes World”, defeating monsters and developing their characters’ skills and abilities. Players can also interact with others by trading in the marketplace or chatting.
Each item has a unique rating and, and if you are lucky or strong enough you will receive huge prizes that can be sold in the marketplace.

Our Manifesto

The Play-to-Earn is the biggest revolution that has ever occurred in the gaming sector. Blockchain technology is redefining what is possible within gaming.
The technology allows players to truly own game assets and to buy, sell, and trade goods with instant liquidity. That means that now players can have more security, fewer transactions costs, and earn money while having fun.
Our vision as a company is to build the best game on earth in the play-to-earn genre, reaching billions of users and being available at least for the next 20 years.
That is why the most important thing on earth to us, is creating the greatest gaming community of all time. In order to achieve that we will actively collect feedback, create surveys, and base our core decisions on voting pools.
In the decentralized web, the gamers will be the owner of the game, not the game companies.
To make a long story short, these are our three main values:
1) We build as fast as possible, but we’re always thinking long-term
2) The quality of our community is what makes our game great
3) We surround ourselves with the most talented and passionate people in the industry


Prota Games is a Venture Capital-backed startup and of the biggest games startups of Latin America with over 25 million videos watched per month in its 26 channels.
The company has partnerships with top-tier e-sports players and teams and reaches about 10 million gamers every month.
Iporanga Ventures is an early-stage venture capital fund, from São Paulo, that invests in technology companies.
Founders of some of the biggest tech startups of Latin America are angel investors of Prota Games & Heroes of Metaverse. Due to privacy concerns, the names will be revealed only to institutional investors.
If you are an institutional investor and wants to know more about that, the contact e-mail is santiago@protagames.com
Our team has 34 employees when considering full-time and outsourced.
Santiago Blanco Gonzalez (CEO)

Founder of Prota Games, one of the biggest games startups of Latin America
Previously worked with Venture Capital and Investment Banking
Lucas Machado (CTO)

Ph.D. in Computer Science
Engineering Manager at Wildlife Studios (US$3B+ Games Company)
CTO and Co-founder at Mobjoy (global mobile gaming company that had over 20M downloads)
Head of Innovation at Movile (US$1B+ Technology and Games Conglomerate)
Paulo Rizzo Jr (COO)

Co-founder at Prota Games, one of the biggest games startups of Latin America
COO of Payparty, a software management startup
Previously worked with Mergers and Acquisitions


About Prota Games

Prota Games is a Games Edtech startup with more than 25 million videos watched per month and 2M+ subscribers, having one of the biggest games audiences of Latin America. The company has raised US$1M with Venture Capital investors and it is one of the biggest gaming startups from Latin America.


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