Harmony Launcher NFTO Whitelist on Genpad

Harmony Launcher is the first Decentralized IGO + IDO Incubation Launchpad on @HarmonyProtocol

Harmony Launcher NFTO Whitelist on Genpad

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Participate in this contest and get a chance to win a whitelist spot for Harmony Launcher NFTO on Genpad !??

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Price $0.006
HardCap $40.000
TGE 14.3%, then 6 months linear vesting

? Apply until 13:00 UTC February 5

About Harmony Launcher

“With such an explosive growth comes inevitable problems”

As blockchain advances attracting more and more enthusiastic startups under its umbrella it also brings in inevitable problems such as the lack of opportunity for all, Lack of launchpads & underlying platforms specific to certain blockchains like HARMONY that not only guides but also provides an easy and hassle-free method for startups to begin their blockchain journey.

Problems within the blockchain industry

Lack of Launchpads and Incubator platforms for Harmony

On close examination you’ll notice that currently there are no Incubators & fundraising platforms completely dedicated for the Harmony blockchain, crippling most innovative start-up’s and institutions that intent to build their projects over the Harmony Network.

Unfair allocation system

Most launchpads are VC biased meaning that they provide most of their tokens generated towards private seed investors and whales leading to lesser fraction of allocations to the community.

Lack of support

Terminating support for the project post the IDO, which is like watering a plant at its initial stages and forgetting to water it expecting it to water itself.

Rug Pulls

Rug pull attacks which are unique to initial decentralized exchange offerings where a vulnerability to the smart contract is abused, and the token value drops to $0 have been recurring in the blockchain industry.

What is Harmony Launcher?

Harmony Launcher is the world’s first decentralized IGO + IDO Launchpad & Incubator with an integrated AMM DEX built on the harmony Blockchain.

As a key to building and enhancing the blockchain industry, Harmony launcher’s primary focus would be on incubating and providing all the fundamental and necessary grounds for startups and projects based on the harmony network to build, raise funds & launch successfully.

How does it work?

Innovators and startups focused on the harmony network can directly propose to launch with harmony launcher upon which the team would carefully vet, analyze and review the project. On complete scrutinization, the project would be given support in business development, operational support, networking, counsel, creative direction, and tokenomics development.

Innovators and startups would have special access to Harmony Launcher’s infrastructure to carry out fair IGO or IDO in the most secure way possible. In addition, startups would not have to worry about any sorts of Rug pull as Harmony Launcher’s On-Chain transparency within liquidity locking is amongst one of the best in the industry.

This would in terms boost these startups growth and provide them with industrial level guidance through their developmental stage, helping them carve bigger and better ideas to integrate within their project.

Why Harmony Blockchain?

Unlike the Congested, Expensive and Complex networks like Ethereum, Solana, and BSC, Harmony is a hundred time better than technically as well as functionally.

Harmony is open, fast, secure, and scalable providing vast and powerful user experience with its cross-chain interoperability. Harmony provides its users with lower fees transaction and a safer environment for startups to build, nourish, and take a deserving spot within the blockchain ecosystem.

Consider the fact that Harmony is currently undervalued, it is expected to change over time as we witnessed Ethereum and solana jump from being nothing to competing as a top 10 blockchain network around the work. Likewise, harmony consists of the potential to take over the blockchain industry with its unique abilities to such as sharding mechanism.

Also taking into consideration about harmony’s 300 million grant for projects to build unique projects on its network. Harmony launchers primary aim would be to launch those pairs of projects using the world’s first decentralized IDO + IGO launchpad & Incubator with an inbuilt AMM DEX built over the Harmony network.

Harmony Launcher as a Problem solver

To cope up with all these inefficiencies, harmony launcher has come up with four unique protocols that aims to put an end to these inevitable problems.

Here are the four fundamentals of Harmony Launcher;

Decentralized IGO + IDO Platform

Harmony Launcher is the world first launchpad to feature the concept of initial game offerings (IGO) & Initial Decentralized exchange offering (IDO) on the Harmony Blockchain.

Being governed by a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) that determines its future and the pricing of its pool tires, Harmony Launcher aims to provide an easy and hassle-free way for start-up’s to launch their tokens over the harmony blockchain.

Harmony launcher would eliminate the possibility of an unfair allocation and would all investors and community members to participate in fair, secure and guaranteed IGO and IDO via its unique allocation tires.

Harmony Incubator

Harmony Incubator would serve as a one-stop incubator for accelerating the growth of new blockchain projects by providing them with special programs such as;

Tokenomics — (Planning, structuring, coordinating, and distributing their token.

Business Development and operational support — Providing them with pre and post IDO/IGO support, whitepaper development, mentorship etc.

Networking & Counsel — Providing projects with venture capitalist roadshows, strategic and private partnerships, connecting them with influencers, prominent exchanges etc.

Creative Direction — Providing guidance over website development, graphic designs, marketing strategies etc.

Secure Escrow — Safe guarding the funds on a secure escrow under a custodia contract and releasing these funds only after the project achieves its milestone.

Hamony AMM DEX

Harmony launcher’s Automated Market Maker (AMM) Decentralized Exchange is a blockchain based liquidity protocol that would facilitate the fore factor to Instantly swap tokens with low fees and slippage along with industries best exchange rates across the entire Decentralized Finance ecosystem.

Harmony AMM Dex would allow you to earn passive income via farming, mining, providing liquidity and staking $HARL the native token of harmony launcher.

$HARL Token

$HARL the native token of harmony launcher would play a major role in regulating the platform as well as serve multiple function as it is regarded as the heart of harmony launcher.

With the help of $HARL users would be able to reserve guaranteed allocation just by staking it on harmony launcher’s seamless platform. In addition, users are also provided with APY for staking $HARL for a long period.

Staking $HARL is the only way to reserve allocations on harmony launcher via its carefully vetted tier system which is divided into three categories.

More details about $HARL and Harmony Launcher would be revealed as the project advances, so make sure to stay subscribed to our social media links.

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