Hardcore FC – Public Sale Whitelist

Hardcore Media is the world’s first blockchain media platform that combines the largest fist-fighting and MMA league, two YouTube channels with an audience of millions, and its own marketplace.

HARDcoin, the project’s own token, is used for mutual settlements within the system. In the near future, the company plans to launch a streaming platform, Hardcore Arena, a chain of sports clubs called Hardcore Gym, a betting platform, and much more.

More details about the project are here.

LINK WHITELIST: https://sweepwidget.com/view/35705-tfjgi2p3

About HARDcoin

HARDcoin is a native Hardcore Media token that is used for:

Purchases within the platform and marketplace (including the purchase of tickets, merchandise, etc.);

Adding fighters to the tournament lineup;

Gaining access to limited edition merch;

Purchase of exclusive NFT tokens;

Personal meetings with fighters;

Supporting your favorite fighters and interacting with them


Public Round details

Launch: December 1, 2021

Ticker: HARDcoin

Total offer: 12,500,000

Price: $0.04

Frozen token stake: 100%


Participation in the token sale is only available to DAOvc token holders.

The maximum amount of allocation for the purchase of HARDcoin depends on the number of tokens the user has. Any DAOvc tokens are taken into account: both on balance and on wallets. Participation in the public round of tokensale is possible only with DAOvc tokens.

The standard allocation amount is $500. It requires the user to have DAOvc tokens in the amount equivalent to $500.

If the amount of DAOvc tokens is from 501 to $999, then his maximum allocation increases to $1000

If the user has more than $1000 in DAOvc tokens, the maximum allocation is raised to $5000


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