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GT Protocol IDO Whitelist on ScaleSwap

Global Traders Protocol is a multi-chain protocol for decentralized trading on DEXs. The platform will allow professional traders and investors to cooperate on a profit-share basis model. Investors get access to on-chain P&L traders rating and the option to join a pool trading via smart-contract managed by a trader. Traders will get access to an additional liquidity and option to earn an additional profit from management assets of their followers.

GT Protocol IDO Whitelist on ScaleSwap

JOIN WHITELIST: https://wn.nr/ESK3MG

GT Protocol will launch on Scaleswap via both public and private pools. The total raise is $100,000 USD.

How can I establish or improve my ScaleSCORE? See: https://bit.ly/3lRyMx5

Only whitelisted users who have successfully completed KYC are permitted to take part in the IDO (this applies to both public and private pool participants).

  •         Token symbol: GTP
  •         Initial marketcap at TGE: $204,000

Private Pool Details

  •         Date: 24th of Jan at 12 p.m. UTC
  •         Total private pool raise: TBA
  •         Token IDO price: $0.20
  •         Max cap per person: TBA
  •         Vesting: 10% unlocked at TGE, 18% per month for 5 months

Public Pool Details

  •         Date: 24th of Jan at 12 p.m. UTC
  •         Total private pool raise: TBA
  •         Token IDO price: $0.20
  •         Max cap per person: $TBA
  •         Vesting: 10% unlocked at TGE, 18% per month for 5 months

Whitelisting & KYC Now Open

  •         Whitelist start date: January 17th at 12 p.m. UTC
  •         Whitelist end date: January 22nd at 12 p.m. UTC

Please make sure that you submit the correct participation wallet during Whitelisting AND KYC (Metamask is strongly preferred)! You will not be able to participate with any wallet address other than this one!

We will run a whitelisting campaign and KYC in parallel, so please make sure you follow the KYC link provided during the Gleam whitelisting process and complete your KYC as soon as possible.

Tip: We highly recommend interacting with Fractal (our KYC provider) using a Fractal account connected to an email rather than a phone number.

Public Pool Instructions:

For the public pool, participants will need to complete a series of tasks to gain entries into the lottery. The more tasks you complete, the more entries you will receive.

The link for completing the necessary KYC is provided directly within the Gleam form.

Final invitations to participate in the public pool will be sent via email to those who passed KYC and were chosen in the lottery.

Private Pool (ScaleSCORE based) Instructions:

For the private pool, you will only need to enter your email and the wallet address that contains your SCA tokens and ScaleSCORE. It is critical that you submit the wallet address that contains your SCA tokens in both the whitelisting form and ALSO during the KYC process.

Entering the wrong wallet, two different wallets, or an empty wallet that does not contain SCA/ScaleSCORE will result in losing your opportunity to participate in the private pool.

More About the Private Pool

Final invitations to participate in the private pool will be sent via email to those who successfully whitelisted and passed KYC.

Private Pool guaranteed participation is based on ranking according to your ScaleSCORE. For the GT Protocol private pool, the top [To be announced] ScaleSCORE holders will be receive guaranteed participation in the first 15 minutes. The list of these eligible addresses will be released at least 1 hour prior to the IDO start time.

Please note that not all top ScaleSCORE holders may participate or invest the max amount. Therefore, the actual number can easily expand beyond the first batch and open up to many more.

If the private pool is not filled in the first 15 minutes by the first batch of whitelisted ScaleSCORE holders, the next 50 highest ranked addresses will be whitelisted for a second 15-minute window. This procedure will repeat every 15 minutes until the pool is filled.

About GT Protocol

GT-Protocol is a multichain protocol for DeFi investment pools management & decentralized copy trading on DEX platform.

Our technology is a decentralized, transparent and secure solution which allows any entity/person to create a DeFi smart-contract pool for collecting funds and cooperation with investors on profit-sharing base model.

Investors get an access to on-chain P&L pools rating and the option to join any pool via MetaMask.

Investors funds are securely protected by the smart-contract which is transparently managed by a pool owner on DeFi markets without funds withdrawal possibility.

In GT-Protocol are interested:

  • investors (to participate in pools)
  • professional traders (to create copy trading pools)
  • professional investors (to create portfolio management pools & yield farming pools)
  • VCs (to collect funds from investors with further funds management of DeFi markets)
  • GameFi guilds (to gain liquidity for NFT purchasing and scholarship providing)
  • KOLs and influencers (IDO pools collecting)
  • any other entity/person which performs profitable activity on DeFi market (trading, portfolio investment, nft investment, yield farming, ido investment, crypto games scholarship guilds).

GT-Protocol MVP is a marketplace for centralized copy trading for CEX exchanges.
After the launch we became an official partner and broker of the Binance exchange.

The project’s audience has grown from 300 to 25,000 users since launch mostly because of word-of-mouth viral spreading. People like the product and they spread the word about it to friends.

That was the factor that showed us that the product is essential for the market. Also it was performing as interesting and profitable for users. Auditory is satisfied with the product as it provides an opportunity for passive online earnings for their crypto investments.

Isn’t it amazing when you wake up and see a report in telegrams that your trader completed seven trades overnight for you and you made a profit from it, despite the fact that you did nothing, you were just asleep? Basically, we provide users with the «Make Money» button.

MVP is available at account.jet-bot.com.

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