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Gravis Finance Whitelist

Gravis Finance is an ecosystem that unites DeFi platform, NFT marketplace for in-game assets, and Evervoid game. We provide all the necessary instruments for managing your crypto assets on any chain.


Public & Private Sale Whitelist on Synapse Network

Invest now: https://app.synapse.network/participate/147

Sale details:
Round — Public + Private
Price per token — Public 50% ( 0.4$ ) + Private 50% ( 0.2$ )
Platform allocation — 100 000$
18.03.2022 9 AM UTC — SNP stakers can start to register their interest in guaranteed allocation
21.03.2022 9 AM UTC — End of time for Whitelist and for interest registration
20.03.2022 7 PM UTC — Whitelist Announcement, publication of allocation size, KYC for Whitelisted start
22.03.2022 9 AM UTC — Sale Start
23.03.2022 9 AM UTC — Sale End
23.03.2022 10:30 AM UTC — FCFS Sale for SNP stakers
23.03.2022 11:30 AM UTC — FCFS Sale for everyone (you can do KYC later)
24.03.2022 9 AM UTC — Return of overallocated unused funds

Public INO Whitelist

JOIN WHITELIST: https://docs.google.com/forms/u/0/d/e/1FAIpQLSc2Eu8CmuqCFsN7ELcOhRd1-1PMTNnV8OTsJyKmB0ZKL_m8HQ

Allocation restrictions per one wallet: min. 100 USDT, max. 5000 USDT.
INO unlocking conditions: 5% unlocked at TGE, then lock for 1 month, then linear unlock for 6 months.
INO NFTs will be available for whitelisted wallets only.

Guaranteed allocation conditions

Wallets will be selected randomly from the whitelist table.
However, you can secure a guarateed place in the allocation by completing at least one of the following conditions:
  • Have 25 referrals in our Evervoid referral program
  • Lock 2 500 000 GRVX for 3 months in a special contract
  • Have one First Mate of each type on your wallet
  • Be among the first 20 places (all time) in our Evervoid Leaderboard by the start of the Public Round
GRVX staking for whitelist link
You can find full details in the Medium article

IDO on Dao Starter

The link will be update soon

IDO on Metaverse Lab

The link will be update soon

IDO on We Starter

The link will be update soon

IDO on TrustFi

The link will be update soon

About Gravis Finance

Gravis Finance is an ecosystem that unites DeFi platform, NFT marketplace for in-game assets, and Evervoid game. We provide all the necessary instruments for managing your crypto assets on any chain.

Gravis Finance is a gamified DeFi ecosystem, which includes:
Evervoid — a revolutionary gaming universe set to come out on mobile devices in 2022 with a well-balanced economy, colorful graphics and unique features coming straight out of the Gravis ecosystem.
Gmart — the first NFT marketplace for gaming assets, AKA “STEAM”for Blockchain tech. Buy and sell your favorite NFT assets from any game on any blockchain. Set to come out on mobile devices in the second quarter of 2022.
Gswap — AMM DEX multichain which combines high functionality with a simple interface and advanced DeFi functions: liquidity migration from other exchanges, staking, Yield farming, Auto-farming, etc. By using cross chain bridges you can quickly move assets from one blockchain network to another. We use our own blockchain nodes to process transactions and orders smoothly and easily.
With balanced tokenomics, two tokens woven seamlessly into the project and a clearly calculated economic model, Gravis Finance strives to provide any user with maximum comfort and profitability. Our mission is to give our users a tool to generate an income base to begin their journey in crypto.
Gravis is more than a gamified ecosystem, Gravis is an innovative alternative to unwieldy solutions already present on the market, with the addition of all the revolutionary features we expect from a project able to catch the eye of the Synapse Team.
Combining a brilliant concept with highly valuable technological features Gravis appears to be one of the best one-stop solutions coming to the DeFi ecosystem this year.
Read more here about the project – https://gravis.finance/

More information:

Medium: https://gravis-finance.medium.com/

Github: https://github.com/gravis-finance

Telegram: https://t.me/Gravis_Finance_En

Twitter: https://twitter.com/gammarosigma

And always remember to not invest before you DYOR about the project!




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