Glitter Finance IDO Whitelist on Infinitypad

Glitter Finance is a cross-chain bridge between Algorand and other supported blockchains including Cudos (an Algorand ecosystem partner), Polygon, Solana, and Terra. Glitter is also a DeFi 2.0 platform that features advanced elements such as integrated yield pools, which transform our bridge into an investment platform.
Glitter Finance proposes a platform that allows the redeployment of a portion of locked tokens (collateral) on one chain into yield-bearing vaults on another chain through an integration with the Glitter Bridge. Glitter Finance creates synthetic versions of the collateralised tokens on the new chain, boosting capital efficiency and liquidity across the platform.

Glitter Finance IDO Whitelist on Infinitypad


– Private Round IDO Start: 30 Jan 2022, 16:00 UTC
– Fund Raising Method: INFP Holders + Public (FCFS)
– Amount to be Raised: $100K
– Currency: BUSD
– Private Round IDO Price: $0.12
– Public IDO/Listing Price: $0.20
– Vesting: 7% at TGE, Rest linear over 12 months

Pool: 1

$90,000 worth of allocation to INFP holders


– Allocation: As per tiers

Pool: 2

$10,000 worth of allocation to public

– Open to public, No $INFP holdings required

– Allocation of $50 per winner

– Total winners:  200 spots (Top 100 + 100 random)

The more entries you get by completing the tasks and referring people, the higher your chance of winning an allocation

Make sure you commit your BUSD as soon as possible as fundraising method is FCFS.

Note: TOP 50, Infinity, and Galaxy holders are required to fill their address only. Social tasks are not compulsory for them

About Glitter Finance

Glitter Finance ecosystem comprises a cross-chain bridge, an auto-yield generation solution with risk balancing, and a cross-chain NFT marketplace. Glitter Finance aims to boost capital efficiency and utilization across various blockchain networks with its cross-chain bridge that facilitates the redeployment of dormant wrapped token liquidity.

The platform wraps native tokens and places them in its vault. Glitter Finance deploys neural networks and risk-analysis tools to identify yield farms with maximum returns and lowest risk ratio, followed by the redeployment of wrapped tokens into these yield farms. The crypto owners receive synthetic tokens which can be burned at any stage to receive their investments and yield.

Glitter Finance plans to integrate multiple blockchain networks through its bridge, starting with Algorand to Solana and followed by Polygon, Terra, and other blockchains. Its cross-chain interoperability ensures that there will be sufficient yield farms listed on the platform at any time. Glitter Finance will support cross-chain swaps for projects built on its supported blockchain networks.

Glitter Finance will implement a fiat-on-ramp feature that will allow non-crypto users to boost their investment returns without having to trade crypto assets. Its risk-analysis mechanism will ensure that investors can identify the risk matrix of individual yield farms. Glitter Finance will also provide investors an option to distribute their funds across various yield farms using Glitter Finance’s auto-yield generation feature, powered by neural networks leveraging historical data to identify the best yield farms.

Glitter Finance NFT marketplace will provide access to mainstream NFT exhibitions, sales, and cross-chain swapping for NFT assets. With Glitter Cross-chain protocol, Glitter will enable cross metaverse asset swap which allows users to Swap from different NFT based games on different Blockchain ie. NFT in game 1 can be swapped with that of game 2 on different chains.

$XGLI will serve as the governance token for Glitter Finance platform. Glitter Finance plans to release its token through an IDO planned for the first quarter of 2022. The cross-chain platform is raising its strategic round with massive interest from crypto VCs and leading blockchain investment groups.

$XGLI: Token Utilities

$XGLI provides its holders with the ability to list a new yield farm on the Glitter Finance network. Holders gain access to governance which makes them the core decision makers of Glitter Finance.

Users who hold $XGLI are authorized to change the treasury fees for yield received from the re-deployment of user assets. This is a unique feature as it allows you to have the power of deciding how much revenue generated from your assets will be reinvested into Glitter Finance.

$XGLI tokens can also be used to update cross-chain transfer treasury fees. This is another unique feature as it allows $XGLI holders to use their tokens to update the cross-chain transfer fee for assets like Bitcoin and Ethereum, which will make the process of transferring value between different blockchains easier and faster.

$XGLI token can be used by its holders to update oracle addresses which in turn will make the process of an address’ information getting to blockchains smoother. This is a significant benefit as it increases data accuracy and speeds up transactions on different blockchains, which will result in better asset management for everyone involved.

The tokens are used to elect the Compound’s administrator in a DAO. The governance structure is based on Compound. People vote to modify these various components of the protocol by executing code that the administration may alter depending on stakeholders’ decisions.

$XGLI: Value Proposition

Glitter Finance offers token holders the ability to spend treasury funds. This will allow for the monetization of Glitter tokens through the payment of fees to spend treasury funds to upgrade Glitter Finance.

Users who hold the $XGLI token exclusively have access to the yield and not the underlying asset. This is a significant benefit since it allows Glitter Finance to raise the income of its users without having to worry about an oversupply of $XGLI tokens.

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