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Glitter Finance is being created to solve DeFi’s fragmentation and cross-chain bridge capital inefficiency problems.

The Glitter Protocol is a cross-chain bridge with advanced bridge capabilities and architecture. We enable the redeployment of synthetic or wrapped assets, which are then converted into integrated yield pools by the Glitter Bridge. We also link it with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (DLN), which work together to boost deposit yields. By doing so, we produce a profit for the trader where previously there was none, and we propel mass adoption by cooperating with them to assist them trade successfully.

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Glitter Finance IDO Whitelist


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About Glitter Finance

Glitter Finance proposes a platform that allows the redeployment of a portion of locked tokens (collateral) on one chain into yield-bearing vaults on another chain through an integration with the Glitter Bridge. Glitter Finance creates synthetic versions of the collateralised tokens on the new chain, boosting capital efficiency and liquidity across the platform.

Glitter Finance Features

Glitter is a brand changing innovator bridge that brings the everyday user into the crypto world seamlessly.
We smooth the way through current technical and psychological barriers by providing user-friendly, streamlined architecture so that everyone in the world can feel good investing and surfing the crypto wave.

Glitter Finance is a multinational company that specializes in the development of AI solutions to enable traders on the DeFi ecosystem to transfer their digital assets across various blockchain networks easily, without the assistance of middlemen or intermediaries.

The company, led by serial entrepreneur, Founder and CEO, David Dobrovitsky, has developed an enterprise-level, advanced, cross-chain bridge — Glitter Finance — a platform that creatively addresses the challenges associated with traditional cross-chain platforms, especially the issue of capital inefficiency.

Glitter Finance is creating an ‘ease of movement between blockchain ecosystems’ platform, with a backbone rooted in the Algorand technology. Glitter Finance will first create a bidirectional bridge between Algorand and Solana, which will include integrated yield pools on both blockchains, allowing the bridge to become an investment platform due to the redeployment of synthetic tokens created by the Glitter Bridge on blockchain 2 (which, as it is a bidirectional bridge can be either Solana or Algorand), and redeployed into the yield pools. Glitter further aims to integrate a fiat portal into the platform, along with algorithmic trading. These technologies will be integrated into the Glitter Finance Platform to facilitate mass adoption into DeFi. The ultimate purpose of Glitter Finance is to decrease the knowledge threshold and increase the ease of using a DeFi platform for people outside of the crypto world.

How does Glitter Finance Set Itself Apart?

Glitter Finance distinguishes itself by addressing these issues from two distinct vantage points:

  • We built an advanced cross-chain bridge to allow cross-chain interaction between supported chains and allow multi-chain profit optimization by eliminating capital inefficiency for DeFi traders through asset redeployment on integrated yield farms
  • Glitter Finance is enhancing interoperability in the DeFi blockchain sector by connecting a number of ecosystems to our advanced cross-chain bridge. This is why Glitter Finance is working with Algorand to improve interoperability by linking it to another ecosystem layer, such as Solana, which has already successfully established a particularly effective DeFi ecosystem.

Glitter Finance’s cross-chain bridge architecture, especially with regards to capital inefficiency, provides innovation that focuses on “mass adoption” through independent operation on various blockchain networks, addressing the many problems in the DeFi industry.

$XGLI Tokens

$XGLI is the native currency of Glitter Finance, and it performs a variety of tasks within the ecosystem.

$XGLI: Token Utilities

Users who hold $XGLI are authorized to change the treasury fees for yield received from the re-deployment of user assets. This is a unique feature as it allows you to have the power of deciding how much revenue generated from your assets will be reinvested into Glitter Finance.

$XGLI tokens can also be used to update cross-chain transfer treasury fees. This is another unique feature as it allows $XGLI holders to use their tokens to update the cross-chain transfer fee for assets like Bitcoin and Ethereum, which will make the process of transferring value between different blockchains easier and faster.

$XGLI token can be used by its holders to update oracle addresses which in turn will make the process of an address’ information getting to blockchains smoother. This is a significant benefit as it increases data accuracy and speeds up transactions on different blockchains, which will result in better asset management for everyone involved.

The tokens are used to elect the Compound’s administrator in a DAO. The governance structure is based on Compound. People vote to modify these various components of the protocol by executing code that the administration may alter depending on stakeholders’ decisions.

$XGLI: Value Proposition

Users who hold the $XGLI token exclusively have access to the yield and not the underlying asset. This is a significant benefit since it allows Glitter Finance to raise the income of its users without having to worry about an oversupply of $XGLI tokens.


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