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Glitter Finance IDO on Aegis Launchpad

Glitter is a brand changing innovator bridge that brings the everyday user into the crypto world seamlessly.

Glitter Finance IDO on Aegis Launchpad

IDO Participate Guide:
You can participate in our Glitter IDO via BSC or Algorand chains.

Click Here Then Click Algorand to Participate In This IDO

• USDT contributions only.

• There’s no minimum contribution, the maximum is 500 USDT per wallet.

• It is NOT necessary to hold Aegis tokens for the Glitter IDO. (Only for this IDO)

• The total raise for this IDO is 300,000 USDT on Algo and BSC combined.

1. First you must create a meta mask wallet (only if you are participating via BSC). You must create an Algorand wallet. We will support Algo SignerMy Algorand Wallet, and Pera wallets.

2. It is required to have 0.001 Algo (opt-in fee) and 0.1 Algo (required) in your Algorand wallet to participate and receive Glitter tokens.

3. After you’ve created your wallet(s) you must Opt-In your Algorand wallet on our website to receive tokens and participate in the IDO:

If you wish to participate via BSC, navigate to our Glitter IDO here: https://aegislaunchpad.com/glitter-bsc

If you wish to participate via ALGO, navigate to our Glitter IDO here:

4.When you’ve navigated to the prefered IDO link, you must connect your wallet(s) and Opt-In. READ and agree to the terms and you will then be presented with the Algorand participation address or the BSC participation address (depending on which chain you are participating on).

5. Send up to 500 USDT max (no minimum) to the appropriate participation address.

You will be able to view the vesting schedule and status display on our website when the Glitter TGE day arrives on March 15th.

Vesting Period: 10% will be released at TGE, then 30% will be released monthly (3 months).

Always ensure you are on our official channel or groups.
Aegis Launchpad and Glitter Finance are not responsible for funds incorrectly sent to the Glitter Finance IDO participation wallet(s) and will not adhere to resolve discrepancies.

Past performance is not indicative of future results (prices, gains, losses). The ownership of any investment decision(s) shall be exclusive to the investor after analysis of all possible risk factors and by personal exercise of his/her discretion. Aegis Launchpad is not liable or held liable for any results.

About Glitter Finance

What is Glitter Finance?
Glitter provides a clear and operationally smooth solution for bridging in a complex global crypto space. Glitter Finance bridges Solana, Polygon, Algorand, Terra and Cudos. Solana had unheard of world record breaking growth in 2021, Algorand is the first blockchain to solve the Blockchain Trilemma (term coined by Vitalik Buterin), and Polygon is Ethereum’s solution.

Beyond Expectations.
It is not only a bridge. Glitter bridges redeploy collateral into yield bearings, which creates liquidity for an optimized trading experience integrated into their platform which removes the added step of transferring funds to an exchange to make a trade.

A DAO will also be implemented, which will bring about a safe and secure ecosystem and strong community.

Glitters robust bidirectional cross-chain bridge solves fragmentation and increases capital efficiency. With more chains being available in the near future, Glitter is aimed to be globally adopted as it bridges the way for a pleasant DeFi 2.0 experience. As NFT’s are a large part of the trading community, you can also expect cross chain NFT trades as a part of their development.

Glitters Community
Glitter has over 32 venture capitalists, alliances with 3 layer 1 Foundations, and a wide range of launchpads to add to the exponential growth of Glitters community.

With a combined 40 years of experience in operational knowledge and practice, the Glitter Finance team and their CEO David Dobrovitsky are remarkably suited to bring this vision to life.

Glitter Social Media Links
Website Twitter Telegram LinkedIn GitHub Discord Facebook Instagram



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