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Gamium Community Round Whitelist on Dao Marker

Gamium is a web3 and metaverse technology company whose mission is to create the first metaverse that interconnects all of them, making avatars and assets multi-metaverse compatible.

Gamium Community Round Whitelist on Dao Marker

JOIN WHITELIST: https://wn.nr/mSsXhp

 DAO Maker announces Gamium Community Round!
 $5000 in $GMM tokens will be distributed to 50 lucky winners!
Join project socials and complete the form to be a part of the community round. There will be 50 winners for $100 allocation each.
☠️ Deadline — March 3 , 2022


Gamium’s IDO/Strong Holder Offering (SHO) on DAO Maker

Start: 1st of March 12:00 UTC
Deadline: 3rd of March 12:00 UTC
SHO Raise: $195,000 + $5,000 Gleam Round
Allocation Size: $200 (People can win multiple allocations)

About Gamium

Gamium is the first Metaverse that interconnects all of them, making Avatars and assets multi-metaverse compatible. Create your Avatar, join exclusive events, get a job, socialize, and earn in Gamium.

The Gamium ecosystem is composed of Avatars and the Decentralized Social Metaverse of Gamium. Bring all your digital fingerprints into your Avatar, which will be used to identify you on any Web3 and Metaverse application. Build ASSETs, create experiences, connect applications, and interact with your community in the Gamium 3D fully immersive Social Metaverse.

Gamium – The center of the metaverse

Gamium is the first Decentralized Social Metaverse that interconnects all Metaverses. Thanks to web3, Gamium unites different virtual worlds where your Avatar’s dreams come true: the only limit is your imagination.

The virtual world of your dreams Imagine creating your own Ready Player One from scratch. Gamium is building a fully immersive and decentralized 3D world for its Avatars to have fun, explore, socialize, earn achievements, innovate and create with no limits.

The Avatar: your digital identity Gamium allows you to have a complete Digital Identity you can use in any web3 or Metaverse application, thus traveling with no restriction in the new internet. Link on-chain and off-chain data to your Avatar and customize your anatomy. Get your metaverse passport now!




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