GAMERSE IDO Whitelist on GameZone and KCCPAD

GΛMΞRSΞ is creating the first-ever NFT Gaming Social Ecosystem allowing gamers to explore popular NFT games aggregated and brought together in a single place

GAMERSE IDO Whitelist on GameZone and KCCPAD

GAMERSE #IDO will be one to be remembered with @gamezone_app & @KCCPad_Official holding the fort on 28 October Collision symbol


You have to fill KCCPAD Address and and GameZone address

GAMERSE Features Overview

GΛMΞRSΞ is the new home for NFT gaming in a cross-chain, cross-platform social media hub, unifying the fragmented NFT gaming community. GAMΞRSΞ is the LFG (“Looking For Group”) platform for the entire NFT gaming industry, and we will be around for gamers of all shades and hues, no matter which title holds the #1 spot. As a social platform, GAMΞRSΞ unites gamers in a single, fun community, constantly adapting to the newest and most viral trends.

Social Media

GΛMΞRSΞ provides a new way for users to engage socially with an easy-to-use UI. Interact with other users’ content, create groups, community pages, and keep up to date with a personalized Discover feed. Some integrated features include direct messages, the live feed, newly minted NFTs, NFT promotions, your NFT drop watchlist, recent purchases, and much more.

Post, add hashtags, and engage with your followers directly without needing to create a dedicated account. Collaborate and expand your audience simply by sharing a post.

  • GΛMΞRSΞ LFG: Looking for a group? Form parties and play with new people.
  • MyGΛMΞRSΞ: Create a personal profile based on your avatar and showcase your collection.
  • Avatar Ecosystem: Unlock rare, tradeable profile avatars based on activity and staking

The social atmosphere is what will make the marketplace vibrant and alive. A place where people will want to hang out without feeling excluded by lack of experience or an unintuitive UI.

Aggregated NFT Marketplace

The GΛMΞRSΞ Marketplace aims to aggregate and display all the popular NFT Gaming marketplaces on one social platform and support cross-chain compatibility. The calendar view will reveal all upcoming NFT drops, keeping the entire community in the loop.

Multiple selling options include fixed prices, NFT+fixed price, multi-NFT, or Auction pricing.

  • NFT Price Oracle: An option for automatically selecting fair-market prices
  • Flip-Card NFTs: Displays the name, mint date, creator, price
  • Swipe-Swap: A Tinder-style swipe feature to help users discover new NFTs

Filter by your favorite games and shop in our cross-platform aggregated social marketplace. Official community pages will also include a shortcut to their marketplace and list new NFT drops! Filter by gamers on the platform and find the most rare collectibles in the market!

LFG Token

An in-depth breakdown of the LFG token can be found HERE. The dedicated LFG token allows users to enjoy additional benefits while using the platform. Using $LFG discounts transaction fees and can be staked for rewards based on holding for fixed periods of time. Staking pools are split into three tiers, Moon, Venus and Mars. Moon is the most premium with extra incentives, Venus and Mars pool all unlock rare avatars which our community can use in GΛMΞRSΞ metaverse in v2.

  • LFG Lottery: Each transaction on the platform gives one entry to a weekly raffle

Holders of the $LFG token will have voting rights in some of the governance decisions on the platform, similar to other blockchain DAOs. Participants can make governance proposals for improvements on the platform itself, marketing of the platform, etc., and the proposal will be funded with enough support.

Gaming Launchpad and Studio

As an integral part of the gaming community, it is only logical to lend a hand in creating new gaming experiences. The GΛMΞRSΞ Launchpad GΛMΞRSΞ Studio provides three options to the gaming community.

  • Promotions and Grants to developers: apply for grants and promotions to help accelerate your development and marketing efforts. The community will vote on which initiative to fund using their $LFG.
  • Launchpad: GΛMΞRSΞ will cooperate with the biggest gaming studios to help launch projects on our dedicated launchpad, bringing exciting IGOs (initial game offers) to the community. Our DAO will have exclusive access to our IDO/IGO pre-sales to incentivize our community.

Ease of Use

GΛMΞRSΞ aims to become the most user-friendly, open-arms platform for gaming on the market. The barrier for entry will be as non-existent as it is for any modern social media platform. This will open the door for a much larger audience of new crypto and NFT enthusiasts.

  • Neither $LFG nor is cryptocurrency necessary to use the platform. Fiat is accepted
  • Exclusive verified LFGs by your favorite play-to-earn games
  • Buy skins and/or import your avatar into the GΛMΞRSΞ ecosystem
  • Live feed and discover feed will ensure you stay up-to-date with the evolving NFT gaming economy
  • Swipe Swap, create fun, personalized and surprise swaps!
  • Soon, GΛMΞRSΞ will launch an iOS and Android App

The gaming community is spread out over many different platforms and networks. As NFT gaming surges in popularity, a streamlined, all-in-one solution for sharing and communication will take the industry to the next level and beyond.

For a more detailed description of the platform and services, take a look at the GΛMΞRSΞ Whitepaper.

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