FARMBIT Presale Whitelist on ERAX

FARMBIT is An asset-backed financing platform that provides fast access to financing for businesses using DeFi. Assets are turned into NFTs, which are then financed through FarmBit Pool

FARMBIT Public Presale Whitelist on ERAX




Date: 3PM UTC Dec 10 – 4PM UTC Dec 11

Rasing Amount200,000 BUSD

Public Presale Price: 1 FMB = 0.0231 BUSD

Allocation: min ticket 100 BUSD, max ticket 1000 BUSD

Vesting: Unlock 25% at TGE, Followed by 7.5% monthly

Listing Date: TBA

Listing Price: 1 FMB = 0.03 BUSD

Whitelist spots to be won in this contest:

 1500Slots (Top1000 + Random500)

Ways to Enter (Mandatory):

1. Submit your BSC wallet address (3 points)

2. Follow ERAX Telegram Group (5 points)

3. Follow ERAX Telegram Announcements Channel (5 points)

4. Follow ERAX on Twitter (5 points)

5. Retweet ERAX Twitter post (10 points)

Increase Your chances of winning:

6. Follow FARMBIT Telegram Group (5 points)

7. Follow FARMBIT on Twitter (5 points)

8. Tweet about ERAX & FARMBIT and Tag 3 Friends (15 points)

10. Refer a Friend (20 points)

11. Read FARMBIT Article (15 points)


FarmBit is creating the future of Agribusiness and warehouse financing, the FarmBit protocol will help business owners and warehouse asset custodians to eliminate inefficiencies and take advantage of the potentials of DeFi & NFT

DeFi & NFT Ecosystem for Agribusinesses

Providing access to Bankless liquidity for Agribusinesses and warehouse assets in developing countries. FarmBit is bringing non-fungible assets to DeFi, making them accessible to a global, decentralized marketplace.

FarmBit is the first decentralized lending platform for agribusinesses and warehouses in Africa

Our vision is to accelerate investments into Agribusinesses. Thanks to the rising income and urbanization of African states which is directly driving investments in the agribusiness sector, estimated to develop into a US$1 trillion industry by 2030. These trends offer bright prospects for creating jobs and income opportunities that are crucial for ending extreme poverty and boosting shared prosperity. FarmBit wants to make growth sustainable and accessible to all.



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