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Get Whitelisted to Participate in FantomStarter’s Public Sale. ​456 investment spots to be won!


About Fantom Starter

FantomStarter is positioned to be a multi-chain investment platform using DeFi and NFTs. It is designed to invest or raise capital on any blockchain. For instance, Fantomstarter is compatible with bitcoin, HECO, Ethereum, Polygon, Binance Smart Chain, xDai, Fantom, FUSION, Avalanche, and other EVM blockchains.

Fantomstarter launchpad

Source: Fantomstarter

With FantomStarter, you can raise and invest capital on any blockchain while our decentralized investment app manages all the regulatory, compliance, and multi network responsibilities. This means your project can easily raise funds from a wider variety of investors; hassle free.

The team created FantomStarter to solve the growing pains of Initial Dex Offerings or IDOs and to create a one stop shop for crypto investors and projects seeking to raise crypto capital.

IDOs have revolutionized and democratized raising money for blockchain startups. However, with any new technology come new problems and those who seek to take advantage of others.

At the moment, you need to have accounts on several different launchpads in order to access projects on different chains. In addition, with the ease of raising capital that IDOs offer, most projects neither have sustainable business plans nor professional advice to navigate the crypto space and its unique challenges. We have also seen countless examples of dishonest teams taking advantage of innocent investors by rugpulls, not delivering, and other scams.

This is where FantomStarter comes in.

The vision of FantomStarter is to be an all-in-one crypto investment platform. Starting as a one-stop IDO for all chains, FantomStarter will expand into DeFi, NFTs and a distributed exchange (DEX) listings.

How to Participate in Fantomstarter

The whitelist for FantomStarter’s native token $FS will go live on 15th September at 16:00 UTC.

To participate in the public sale, you must whitelist on Gleam Public Whitelisting competition. 30,000,000 $FS Tokens will be up for sale, priced at $0.0038. The token generation event is expected to be somewhere around early October 2021. Certainly, the team is yet to announce the Gleam link. If you are interested, we advise that you keep an eye on their official Twitter handle.

Also, for anyone who signs up with a correct Fantom address for the event, the team has promised a guaranteed distribution of $FS via airdrops. The team will be giving away 2 Million $FS tokens evenly shared with all the participants.

The hype around FantomStarter is very high because FantomStarter hit a significant milestone by releasing the first public Testnet dApp version. At present, almost 10K wallets own $FS test tokens and have tested the alpha version of FantomStarter.


According to the whitepaper, it will have a 7 tier allocation system. 3 out of 7 tiers are lottery-based allocation pools, and the rest of them are guaranteed allocation pools with staking requirements varying from 10,000 $FS to 2,250,000 $FS.


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