Exxpad Presale Whitelist

We’re thrilled to unveil the highly anticipated ExxPad Presale, an opportunity for early investors to join us on our groundbreaking journey towards a new era of crypto investments. With our innovative launchpad and commitment to investor protection, ExxPad is poised to revolutionize the way projects are launched, offering a safer and more transparent ecosystem. In this blog post, we’ll provide you with all the details you need to know about our presale and how to secure your spot in this exclusive event.

ExxPad Token Presale Whitelist 

Presale Whitelist
To ensure fairness and equal opportunities, we have established a comprehensive whitelist system that will be managed by our dedicated team. The whitelist will be divided into three categories, each with its own allocation of slots: Ambassadors, Community Members, and Zealy Quest participants.

1. Ambassadors: We recognize the importance of influential individuals in the crypto space. We will reserve a portion of the whitelist slots specifically for renowned influencers who have shown their commitment to promoting and supporting the crypto community.

2. Active Community Members: Our vibrant community is at the heart of ExxPad’s success. We will allocate a significant number of whitelist slots for active community members who have actively engaged with our platforms, contributed valuable insights, and demonstrated their dedication to the ExxPad ecosystem.

3. Zealy Quest Participants: In partnership with Zealy Quest, a platform for gamified crypto challenges, we will reward the top 400 participants with an exclusive spot on the whitelist. These participants will be selected based on their outstanding performance and contributions during the Zealy Quest campaign.

Whitelist Allocation Ratio:
To ensure a fair distribution of whitelist slots, we will allocate the 1000 slots as follows:

– Influencers: 10% of the total slots (100 slots)

– Active Community Members: 50% of the total slots (500 slots)

– Zealy Quest Participants: 40% of the total slots (400 slots)

Please note that the exact distribution may vary depending on the quality and quantity of applications received.

How to Secure Your Spot:

To participate in the ExxPad Presale and secure your spot on the whitelist, follow these steps:

1. Ambassadors: If you’re an influential figure in the crypto space and believe you can contribute to our community, please fill this form https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSf_pTtNs665jvd3z-UVVfwJ1Wp4J9HBaLSIHxDOLF6Bkg34Vw/viewform. We hope that aspiring influencers must have followed our Twitter page, liked and retweeted our announcement on the presale whitelist.

2. Community Members: For active community members, we will provide an application form on our official website. Stay tuned for further announcements and ensure you are actively engaged with our Telegram, Discord, and Twitter channels to stay updated.

3. Zealy Quest Participants: If you’re participating in the Zealy Quest campaign, the top 200 participants will be automatically eligible for a whitelist spot. Further instructions will be communicated through the Zealy Quest platform.

To join the Zealy, use: https://zealy.io/c/exxpad/invite/85DdwzeKeRyz0l4DumqD9

Presale Announcement

? Date: Saturday, 3 June 2023

⏰ Time: 4 PM UTC | 12 PM EST

Min contribution: 0.05 ETH
Max contribution: 0.5 ETH

Network: Arbitrum

We will share the presale contract for ease of contribution.

Turn on your notification to secure whitelist spots.

About Exxpad

Exxpad is a premium launchpad platform that aims to restore trust within the crypto industry by vetting and providing support to projects with genuine use cases, ideas or team.
We offer a more accessible and cost-effective project launch and marketing solution. Our focus is on helping projects achieve their desired goals, ensuring investor protection, and promoting trust through our systems and mode of operations.

Why Exxpad

Why you should start using Exxpad over other launchpads.

  • Escape the Scammers: We ensure the same security provided by top IDO launchpads like Dao Maker, Poolz etc.
  • Huge Opportunities: Choose our launchpad for faster project success with impeccable quality.
  • Take Control: Be in charge of your investment and decide projects to be launched through our DAO.

How to Purchase New Tokens on Exxpad

Steps to Purchase Pre-Sales Tokens on Exxpad:

1. Get XPAD Tokens: Purchase XPAD tokens on any of the exchanges available to stake on the IDO dashboard to participate in all upcoming IDOs.
2. Stake XPAD Tokens: Stake XPAD tokens in order to participate in public IDOs. There are different tiers allowed depending on the amount staked.
3. Buy Presale Tokens: Once you have staked your XPAD tokens, you can buy into IDO project within the timeline of your stake.


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