Extend XYZ Genesis NFT Space Whitelist on Impossible Finance

Extend XYZ is the Ultimate Customizable NFT Space with multiple tools and functions where users can extend their application on-chain. NFT Space owners can perform a wide array of actions and functions on Solana and be rewarded with rent and community governance by Extend DAO.

Extend XYZ Genesis NFT Space Whitelist on Impossible Finance

JOIN WHITELIST: https://wn.nr/vw9nNm

2.1) EarnDrop (Gleam) Details:

  • Total Token Reward Amount: 1,400
  • Total Winners: 1100 participants
  • Reward Per Winning Entry: 4 Spaces for 100 Winners, 1 Spaces for 1000 Winners
  • Token Distribution: Airdropped directly to your submitted Solana wallet address (no action required)

All gleam entries will be entered into a lucky draw where winners will be randomly selected at the end of the campaign and notified via Twitter and Telegram. Participants can increase their chance of winning by completing more tasks. Each task is worth a number of gleam entries. The more entries you have, the greater the chance of winning!

How to participate:

  • Step 2: Complete as many tasks as possible to earn entries

About Extend XYZ

Do you remember the reign of the Motorola RAZR? Aesthetically slick and minimal. Looking back after more than a decade of using smart phones, the RAZR was clearly minimal in both form and function. It could barely take a picture, there was no keyboard, and SMS was the killer app.

That is kind of how we feel about NFTs now. There is one killer app, which coincidentally is still a three letter acronym, PFP (profile picture). Where is the Apple App Store or Google Play for NFTs? When are NFTs going to unlock some meaning, something beyond that flex on social media?

When we think of NFTs unlocking meaning, we think of Ready Player One. Percival completes a perfect game of Pac-man and gains that unique 1981 quarter, which gives him an extra life for his metaverse avatar. We are a fair bit off from the OASIS, but an NFT can mean more than a profile picture.

Extend the Reality
It is time for us to extend the meaning of NFT. Maybe you are sick of NFT mints, but you have never seen one like this before:

High Performance Chain
Most NFT collections are comprised of 10,000 pieces or less. 10,000 is pretty cool, but imagine one million. On Solana. Nigh impossible on other blockchains with higher gas costs, poorer scalability and lower throughput.

Accessible to All
Unprecedented supply needs unprecedented demand. Many NFT collections fail to completely mint, but they also were not minting for zero price*. Historically, participation with NFTs has been gated to a great degree by the cost. Individuals in third-world countries do not have the discretionary income to spend on NFTs that mint for 1 SOL, much less 1 ETH. By enabling sale of Spaces at the absolute minimum price, we hope to democratize participation and create a truly diverse community.

The Best Utilised NFT
But the scale and price isn’t in focus, it is what you can do with the Spaces. Each Space can be registered on our 1000 x 1000 Extend canvas and gives the NFT owner the right to modify the color of a single pixel. Perhaps not as compelling in isolation, imagine what is possible with a little coordination. To extend the usage, you can also make changes and display gifs or videos in real time.

r/place, an April Fools Day project on Reddit

Inspired by the community-driven aspect of the Reddit experiment at r/place in 2017, we will be thrilled to see what the community designs. In addition to near-free mints, the canvas facilitates low friction transactions (1% marketplace fees, 0% creator fees) without navigating to an external secondary marketplace or requiring external custody when listing.

Why Extend?
We want to extend NFTs into a new dimension, to go beyond our current interpretation of NFT. The word “extend” evokes that shift – from Super Nintendo to N64, from Motorola bloatware to a functioning app store, from profile picture flex to a living artifact of culture and community. The canvas is just the first application for Spaces, but theoretically any information can be associated with a user’s Space and live on the Solana blockchain as account data.

Spaces are no longer static culture aggregation points but a base layer that can provision a limitless number of applications.

In object-oriented programming, inheritance is a critical component. We are defining the Space parent class and we can’t wait to see how that class gets extended. Each Space is minted with an X and Y coordinate, the Z is left to you, the buidlers.

*Not exactly zero, a small fixed fee (~0.013 SOL) is required for each Space mint (blockchain transactions, rent exemption, etc.). The non-fixed price of minting a single Space is zero although there is a convenience option to mint multiple Spaces for an increasing price.

About Extend
Extend is the Ultimate Customizable NFT Space on Solana Blockchain. It is a NFT Space with multiple tools and functions where user can extend their application on chain. It aims to create inclusion for all users with its minting mechanism. Extend aims to create a NFT space where users can perform any actions and functions on chain and reward NFT holders through renting and community governance by Extend DAO.
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