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Elumia Public Sale Whitelist

Elumia is a next generation MMORPG is here. Elumia is a P2E metaverse where you collect, create, and play NFTs

Elumia Public Sale Whitelist

JOIN WHITELIST: https://wn.nr/C7Dckp

It’s the time of giving and to express our thanks to the Elumia community, we are hosting our first giveaway for a spot on the Whitelist for Public Sale Round!!

Please follow the steps below:

  1. Follow @PlayElumia on Twitter: +5 entries
  2. Retweet @PlayElumia on Twitter: +5 entries


  1. Tweet @PlayElumia with your own message: Bonus +5 entries
  2. Join the Elumia Telegram group: Bonus +5 entries
  3. Refer 3 friends to the competition: Bonus +10 entries


100 lucky Elumia Community Members will be added to the Whitelist for $ELU Public Sale!
From December 23rd to December 31st, 2021 (23:59 UTC +7)
Whitelist winners are guaranteed $50 allocation in the Public Sale for $ELU token. Due to KYC, United States citizens are ineligible for this competition.

About Elumia

Game setting

Legends of Elumia is a next generation, Play to Earn, Massively Multiplayer Online RPG (MMORPG) developed by a large, experienced team of game developers.

Elumia sets itself apart from other games with it’s high quality graphics and feature rich, fun gameplay. Players can earn income directly through online play, immerse themselves in world zones, engage in multiplayer dungeons, quests and fierce player battles.

Through the Elumia metaverse, players have full ownership of their characters, equipment, land and buildings, with multiple fun opportunities to earn by winning battles against other players and completing dungeons and defeating the enemies in the world.

Holders of our governance token Elumia Crowns ($ELU), will have a say in the future direction of the game’s development.


Legends of Elumia caters for many play styles, from socialising and exploring, to conquering dungeons or battling other players.


At the core of our game, we want players to have 100% ownership of their items and characters. A range of in game NFTs are available to own, each with a 2D avatar image, 3D viewable version, and fully animated in-game 3D asset.

Everyone owns the characters they play, in addition to NFT weapons, pets and mounts.


The Elumia city is a metaverse that allows players to own land, place and customise their own building.

Players have full ownership of these assets which can be brought and sold in the Elumia marketplace.


Legends of Elumia feature 2 tokens, ELU the governance and staking token and EKS the game currency token. Elumia uses Solana to ensure a fast, secure, and decentralized digital asset ownership with low costs to players.

The Team

An existing team of experienced Massively Multiplayer Online game developers, working together in a custom-built office.
Formed in 2006, we pioneered bringing PC style 3D MMORPGs to the mobile market.

After millions of satisfied players, we are bringing our expertise to the blockchain space. Legends of Elumia benefits from our proprietary MMO platform and tools developed by us over a decade. Team members have previously worked on popular titles including Guild Wars 2, Final Fantasy, Star Citizen and Dungeons and Dragons.


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