ECIO Whitelist Mystery Warrior Space Pod INO with Babylons

ECIO Whitelist Mystery Warrior Space Pod INO with Babylons


ECIO WHITELIST Mystery Warrior Space Pod ON SALE with babylons
?x1500 Mystery Warrior Space Pods available?
Pricing: $89 BUSD

✅100% Space Warrior NFT Drop chance✅

⏳13 NOV 2021 – 24 NOV 2021⏳

Only qualified whitelisted buyers can participate in it. FCFS [First Come First Serve] basis, Limited Stocks, on 27 Nov 2021 at Babylons

Our whole team at ECIO has been working extremely hard in the last couple of weeks, looking for the best partners to help push the project that we love so much, to the next level! We can finally, and proudly, announce the first phase of these precious partners!

Please give a warm welcome to the ECIO family; Poolz & Seedify are our launchpad platforms. Both of these amazing ventures are top-rated launch platforms on BSC!

Chronos VC is a top-tier fund who has been working with some of the leading projects in the crypto space & will bring on a great combination of marketing & investment expertise.

Furthermore added are Babylons, Galaxy Project & Poolz Ventures. In the next phase, there will be more exciting partners announced!

After intensive weeks of talks with all partners, our advisors, our team, and everybody involved on an organizational level with the upcoming IGO, we’ve had to amend a couple terms & conditions.

Presale buyers, read this carefully!

The Tokenomics have been adjusted, to improve the feasibility and long-term health of our project. After thorough back and forth with all Tokenomic Advisor partners, we have concluded the following key matters:

  • The IGO launch price is adjusted to 0.0025BUSD per token, presale price is adjusted to 0.0020BUSD per token. Presale buyers will have their tokens adjusted to the BUSD value that they purchased (e.g a purchase of 200BUSD will now receive a total of 100,000 ECIO tokens) This value of claimed tokens will be automatically updated on our website, by the end of November.
  • The community presale round vesting period has been adjusted to 5 months. TGE unlock will be 20%, followed by 16% per month until the total has been unlocked. Again, this decision has been made under careful consideration of all partners involved, out of security for the project’s value.

To compensate for the amended terms, all community presale buyers will receive;

Purchase value

<49BUSD: 1 common box

50–99BUSD: 2 common boxes

100–149BUSD: 1 rare box

150–200BUSD: 2 rare boxes

This remedy will be automatically added to your collection, by the end of November.

To see our project and community grow with such involvement and love from everybody has been very rewarding for us at ECIO. We’re looking forward to the huge months ahead of us and proud to work hand in hand with our team, our partners & equally important our community! Over the next few weeks, there will be tons of exciting announcements, game reveals, special NFT drops & much more to look forward to. Get ready to Create, Conquer & Earn, and make the galaxy yours!

With love, Team ECIO.


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