DPK Kreatties NFT IDO Whitelist on DAOStarter

The public launch of the DPK Kreatties NFT will occur on DAOStarter. The whitelisting process for DAOStarter IDO is now live!

Introduction of the NFT — Kreatties.

The benefits and rights of Kreatties are as follows:

1. the right to have access to all games. (Kreatties released in the future cannot serve as the voucher to log in the games that operated earlier);

2. the greatest capability to reproduce;

3. unique avatars and NFT figures for the platform ( randomly created by programs)

4. the right to pre-mining KIT tokens before the launch of the first game;

5. the exclusive right to establish a family.

There are 3,500 different shapes

IDO Details

· Whitelist date: 7:00 am 10th of September 2021 UTC

· Whitelist closed: 7:00 am 16th of September 2021 UTC

· IDO date: 12:00 pm 17th of September 2021 UTC

· IDO closed: 13:00 pm 17th of September 2021 UTC

· Each NFT sells for 400 USDT(Each NFT will be generated in-game to earn revenue)

· The fixed allocation per person will be USDT$400 BSC wallet address

· IDO Price:USDT $400(BSC)

· Official listing Price:USDT $500(BSC)

· IDO Type: FCFS

· Total Seats: 500

Selected addresses for whitelist : All users(But fill in the whitelist tasks first)

Whitelist details


Within the form, you will need to:

1. Confirm your email address

2. Twitter handle(Username)

3. Telegram handle(Username)

4. BSC wallet address

5. Join the DAOStarter Telegram Group

6. Follow DAOStarter on Twitter

7. Join the DPK Kreatties NFT Telegram Group

8. Follow DPK Kreatties NFT on Twitter

9. Follow DPK Kreatties NFT Discord Group

10. Tag 3 friends in comments, and retweet the following tweet

Once you have completed all fields, submit the form.

Please Note:

· Invalid wallet addresses, Twitter and Telegram accounts

· Entries made by bots

· Duplicate entries

· Incomplete entries missing any of the form criteria

After the whitelisting form closes, a randomized draw will generate a list of users approved for participation in the IDO. Approved users will receive an email from sale.


· Users do not need DSTs to participate in whitelist activities

Introduction of DPK Platform

The first game on DPK platform is PETGARDON, a tile-matching game which enables you to cultivate your own pets. Through reproducing and upgrade their pets, establishing the families and other systems like PVE, PVP, mining as well as staking, players are able to get tokens KITs and DPKs. Meanwhile the offspring of the Kitties can be purchased by other players as they are the NFTs for identifying users. That is to say, at least one Kitty is required to start the game. In such way, DPK platform can give as much support as they can to initial patrons as these users are the group who can gain benefits for longest. The family (building guilds) system is another point worth mentioning as all members shared the same calculation power. The more the members a family have, then the more powerful it will be, which means more profits for all. In addition, every player that fulfills the missions in this game will bring fame point to the family and thus, gaining large quantity of DPK coins as the reward according to the ranking. As a result, the whole family become a united group which shares the common profits for each member. Experienced players are willing to guide new comers to better fully experience the game in a shorter time and then together gain benefits.


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