Dinoland IDO Whitelist on BinStarter

DinoLand is a 3D metaverse NFT play-to-earn game where you can collect, battle, evolve, breed, and trade Dinos. Get ready to immerse yourself in the 3D world and experience the emotions of the Dinos as you control them around the world.

Dinoland IDO Whitelist on BinStarter

BinStarter is very honored to have an opportunity to launch the IDO event for DinoLand project

Community Pool

JOIN WHITELIST: https://wn.nr/4YsWPM

Step 1: Follow this link:
Step 2: Complete All
Step 3: Copy Referral Link
Step 4: Share with friends and community

Whitelist opened at: December 1st, 2021, UTC 16:00
Whitelist closed at: December 21st, 2021 UTC 16:00
Whitelist result announced at: December 22nd, 2021 UTC 14:00 UTC


IDO date: December 22nd2021

  • Phase 1 (Guaranteed allocation for pools 1 to 6 ): December 22nd, 2021 UTC 16:00–19:00 )
  • Phase 2 (Gleam): December 22nd, 2021 UTC 20:00- 21:30
  • Phase 3 (FCFS on remaining cap for BSR stakers) December 22nd, 2021 UTC 20:30–20:50 or sold out
  • Phase 4* (Public FCFS if Phase 3 isn’t sold out) December 22nd, 2021 UTC 20:50–21:00 or sold out

*Only available if phase 3 isn’t sold out.

Receiving Token Time: December 23rd, 2021

Pool Details:


Note: Depending on the number of applicants and pool multipliers, we may make adjustments to keep the balance of allocations per user


How to register for the whitelist?

Last Step: Just wait for the allocation announcement.

About Dinoland

If you feel strange that a dinosaur is still alive, then you will be even more surprised and overwhelmed when participating in this legendary Dinoland world.
In the current era of mankind, dinosaurs are long extinct. However, there are adventurers who never accept the obviousness. They believe that dinosaurs still exist and are enjoying life peacefully somewhere on earth.
So over thousands of years, there have been countless explorations by men, and lately findings using satellite technology and hundreds of other modern advanced technologies in search of mysterious unexplored lands where humans cannot step their feet on.
However, no one ever knows that there is a land completely separate from the world, a land that cannot be reached and cannot be seen, a land that is always green and wide. It is called Dinoland.
In that land, deep in a mysterious undiscovered forest, hidden buried dinosaur eggs are slowly hatching.
Dinoland Game will bring you to the land of “genuine” Dinos. The dinosaur here have a adorable and friendly feature but don’t lower your guard – they all have full strength when fighting against the Monsters that attack their land.
The mission is to train your dinosaur to be the best and defeat Darkie Monsters to bring peace to Dinoland.


Name: Dinoland
Symbol: DNL
DNL contract: Coming soon
Decimals: Coming soon
Total supply: 1,000,000,000
Token metrics:

Join Dino community:

Website: https://dinoland.io/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/dinolandgame

Telegram: https://t.me/dinolandglobal

Telegram for official announcement: https://t.me/dinolandofficial

Blog: https://dinoland.substack.com/


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