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Participation in Public IDOs is very exciting and quite simple. You’ll learn more about it from this article.

How Public IDO lottery works

Participation in Public IDOs is based on the lottery system.

To get lottery tickets, you need to buy and stake ATD tokens.

After staking, instead of your ATD tokens, you will receive a Boosted ATD (the number of your tokens will temporarily increase depending on the selected pool and staking period). To learn more about staking and how to stake your tokens please take a look at this article.

Each lottery participant can get any number of tickets, depending on the amount of Boosted ATD.

To get 1 ticket to participate in IDO lottery, you need to allocate 200 Boosted ATD. The more Boosted ATD you have, the more lottery tickets you get.

In case of winning, 200 Boosted ATD allocated for IDO give you the right to invest 200 USDT or more depending on the project.

If you win, Boosted ATD allocated for the project will be frozen for 10 days. Please note that only the amount of Boosted ATD of winning tickets will be frozen.


You have 10 tickets for IDO and 1 of your tickets won, therefore:
200 ATD will be frozen for 10 days
1800 (2000–200) could be distributed right after the lottery draw.

If you have not won, you will be able to distribute all your Boosted ATD immediately after the lottery results are announced.

How to participate

1. Follow the announcements

First of all, subscribe to our socials so you won’t miss any upcoming IDO:

→ Telegram Announcements Channel
→ Twitter

We always announce new projects on our socials before opening the registration for participation.

2. Registering for participation

When you saw the announcement about the opening of registration in the upcoming IDO of some project in our socials you should register for it using our Official Telegram Bot.

a) Launch A2DAO Official Telegram Bot


b) Make sure you have bought and staked your ATD

c) Connect your ERC-20 wallet (if you are participating for the first time)

Use Connect wallet button in the Bot to connect your ERC-20 compatible wallet address.

On the page that opens, connect your wallet using one of the proposed methods.

After that Bot will constantly scan your wallet address to see all movements of your ATD and Boosted ATD. If the numbers shown are not correct, try using the Refresh button.

Please note that only ERC-20 compatible wallets are applicable (MetaMask or Trust Wallet are the most popular ones).

d) Confirm your registration in the lottery by locking ATD for it

Once the registration to an IDO announced, the button Register to <Project> IDO will appear in the Bot. If you don’t see it, use the Refresh button.

After clicking the Register to <Project> IDO button, the bot will ask you to lock a certain number of Boosted ATDs for lottery tickets for the IDO of a particular project.

Click the button Lock ATD for up to X tickets and send the message with the desired number of tickets you want to lock for this particular IDO.

e) That’s it! Just wait for the results in the bot. And good luck to you!

Please note: If you provide liquidity for ATD pairs, a snapshot of your ATD balance is created at the moment you adding liquidity. If the number of ATD tokens changes in the pool, your balance in the Bot will not change. But if you decide to stop providing liquidity and make a withdrawal, Bot will recalculate your ATD token balance.

In case of amount change, staking or unstaking actions, you can cancel the registration in the lottery and register for it again without any penalties anytime until the registration is open.

3. The Lottery Draw

After the registration is complete, just wait for the lottery draw.

Please note: You shouldn’t move, stake or unstake ATD tokens from your registered wallet during the lottery draw otherwise you will lose your lottery tickets for the specific draw. Once the results are announced in the Bot, you are free to perform any actions with your tokens.

The lottery is held automatically by the Official Bot. Shortly before the start of the draw, you will receive your ticket numbers, conditions, and, a bit later, the results.

After the lottery draw is ended, the fundraising phase begins.

4. Fundraising

Shortly after the lottery draw, the winners will receive a message from the Bot with the deposit address and the required payment amount. Depending on the project conditions, fundraising can be set in different coins (ETH, USDT, BNB, or others) and different chains (Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, or others). In any case, the conditions of the fundraising will be announced before the final event additionally.

Please note that you usually have 24 hours from the time the results are announced to send your funds.

5. Distribution

Distribution usually takes place before, simultaneously, or right after the listing on DEX. The exact distribution time is announced before the final event additionally.

Project teams usually distribute their tokens themselves, but in some cases (depending on the project conditions) distribution can be conducted via the claim procedure on the A2DAO Launchpad.

To claim your tokens via claim procedure you need to follow these steps:
a) Click Refresh button in the Official Bot then the link Claim Here should appear:

b) Click the link Claim Here and then Claim on the web page opened

c) Connect your registered wallet (using one of the proposed methods)

d) Sign and send the transaction. You will need to spend some gas fee so keep ETH (or BNB for Binance Smart Chain) on your balance.

Shortly after you will receive your tokens to the registered wallet.

More About A2DAO

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