Defiyield IDO Whitelist on BrandPad

Defiyield  Control your digital assets with a full suite of innovative tools. Invest confidently, supported by our auditing experts.

Defiyield IDO Whitelist on BrandPad


How to Participate

  • Complete all of the tasks.
  • Users must provide a valid BSC -BEP20 (Metamask or Trustwallet) address.
  • Multiple entries or any forms of cheating will not be accepted.

The more entries you can get by completing all of the tasks, the higher your chances of winning an allocation.

  • Allocation size: 200 BUSD Each Winner
  • Pool Size: 50K
  • Total Winners: 250 + 250 Back-up
  • Private Sale Currency : BUSD
  • WhiteList Sale Type: FCFS
  • The first 100 people are guaranteed a place in the white list.


  • Total supply: 1,000,000,000
  • Private Sale Price: 0.24 $
  • Vesting: 9 Months with Daily Linear Unlock
  • Private Sale Date : 12th Feb- 18.00 UTC
  • Launch Date : Q1
  • Blockchain: ETH, BSC, AVAX

About Defiyield

The DEFIYIELD ecosystem is the best place for anyone to participate in DeFi because it has been built by yield farming experts who want as many people as possible to stay safe and succeed in the Finance 3.0 revolution.

It is made up of a range of decentralized products that have been designed for anyone from a complete novice to an experienced yield farmer. The needs of all current and future users have been considered, alongside the yield farming expertise we have developed since the yield farming expertise we have developed since July 2020.

The DEFIYIELD ecosystem unites a large community of DeFiers, from newbies and part-time enthusiasts to degens and whales. Our community, which has grown tremendously since the project’s launch, includes the following important elements:

  • The only security dashboard that combines effective crypto asset management with built-in safety infrastructure that enables users to manage DeFi risk
  • Community governance that is built with OpenZeppelin’s Governor system including the GovernorCompatibilityBravo module, which originally was designed by Compound
  • An open access safety toolkit that includes the security audit database, the rekt database, the smart contract scanner, the timelock contract viewer and the advanced impermanent loss calculator.

The DEFIYIELD dashboard has the perfect combination of asset management and risk management tools to help you succeed and stay safe in DeFi. It enables you to:

  1. Track investment opportunities,
  2. Monitor performance metrics including Profit & Loss, Impermanent Loss and Farming Rewards.
  3. Allocate and reallocate funds across different projects and blockchains.
  4. Stay protected with the Approvals Analyzer, which informs you of approvals for malicious Dapps that contain backdoors, infinite minting and other security issues.

The dashboard is designed to be compatible with Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Arbitrum, Avalanche, Solana and, Polkadot, as well as and all non-EVM-compatible chains.

By connecting a crypto wallet and navigating to the Dashboard section, a user will be able to see:

  1. Account overview featuring the total balance of the wallet and the total value of funds deposited in vaults — including those in liquidity pools, those being lent out, staked funds and the total debt value.
  2. Value of assets grouped by blockchain network.
  3. DeFi platforms currently in use.

The Portfolio section of the dashboard enables users to see wallet information by tokens, including prices, balances and USD values, as well as to filter portfolio data by blockchain network. Users can also quickly exchange tokens for the best rates on the market.

Significantly, users can see a P&L for each asset in their portfolios.

An asset’s balance change is calculated from incoming and outgoing transfers, received rewards and accrued rewards during the analyzed period. The received rewards are calculated by multiplying the total amount of reward assets and its weighted price, with the value of accruals expressed in relation to the current price of the asset.

Users can buy crypto with fiat in the fastest and easiest way from the DEFIYIELD dashboard. That’s because it utilizes the RAMP protocol, which aggregates various payment methods.

In this way, DEFIYIELD makes it easy for newbies to get into crypto and establishes its presence as a decentralized Robinhood. On top of making it fast and easy to buy crypto from anywhere on the dashboard, DEFIYIELD makes DeFi easy for newbies through a self-explanatory UI,clear transaction terms and approachable fees.



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