DARKSHIELD Presale Whitelist on ERAX.io

DarkShield Games, A Collection Of Multi-Chain Crypto Games and NFT. Games utilise Crypto and NFT as the reward system served by Gaming MarketPlace.

DARKSHIELD Presale Whitelist on ERAX

DARKSHIELD GAMES Public Presale Whitelist Contest!

JOIN WHITELIST: https://share-w.in/e89177-42505


Venue: erax.io

Date: 10AM UTC Dec 10 – 1PM UTC Dec 10

Rasing Amount100,000 BUSD

Public Presale Price: 

1BUSD = 200 DKS

1 DKS = 0.005 BUSD

Allocation: min ticket 200 BUSD, max ticket 500 BUSD

Vesting: Unlock 25% at TGE, Followed by 25% monthly

Listing Date: 4PM UTC Dec 12

Listing Price:

1 DKS = 0.006 BUSD

Whitelist spots to be won in this contest:

500 Slots (Top400 + Random100)

Ways to Enter (Mandatory):

1. Submit your BSC wallet address (3 points)

2. Follow ERAX Telegram Group (5 points)

3. Follow ERAX Telegram Announcements Channel (5 points)

4. Follow ERAX on Twitter (5 points)

5. Retweet ERAX Twitter Pinned post (10 points)

Increase Your chances of winning:

6. Follow DARKSHIELD Telegram Group (5 points)

7. Follow DARKSHIELD Telegram Channel (5 points)

8. Follow DARKSHIELD on Twitter (5 points)

9. Tweet about ERAX & DARKSHIELD and Tag 3 Friends (15 points)

10. Refer a Friend (20 points)

11. Watch DARKSHIELD Video (15 points)

12. Read DARKSHIELD Article (15 points)]

DarkShield Games Community Contest

JOIN COMMUNITY CONTEST: https://giv.gg/r/YHe6dC-vjLyeh

🤩We are Pleased to be hosting this  contest of 1,000,000 $DKS Tokens for our loyal Community supporters and those who wish to become part of the community.

👇Complete ALL of the tasks below to maximize your chances of winning!👇

Good Luck


🎉Contest Details🎉

🔹Reward Pool: 1,000,000 $DKS

🔹Number of Winners: 100

Participation Procedure of IDO

Raising Amount: 100k BUSD

Allocation: min ticket 200 BUSD, max ticket 500 BUSD

Starts 10am UTC Dec 10. Ends 1pm UTC Dec 10 (last for 3h)

IDO Price: 0.005 BUSD

Listing Price: 0.006 BUSD

Listing Date: 4pm UTC Dec 12

Vesting: Unlock 25% at TGE, Followed by 25% monthly

IDO will only open to the whitelist in first 1h. After that, it will open to everyone. NEVER MISS THE CHANCE.

Step 1 🔉Go to the Website www.erax.io/launchpad.

Step 2 🔉Connect the wallet with BSC network (check on the upper right).

PC: Use Metamask or MathWallet.

Mobile: Use wallets with built-in browser to access.

If you’ve connected successfully while still cannot see anything, please wait for a while with patience.

Step 3 🔉Click [Details]. Enter the deposit amount and click [Approve].

Make sure you have enough BNB for gas fee, around 0.005.

Step 4 🔉When IDO starts, enter the deposit amount and click [Deposit].

Do not click [Deposit] until starts.

Step 5 🔉 It will be directed to transaction for wallet approval. Just click it and wait till transaction succeed.

Step 6 🔉 It will show in [My subscription amount], then you are the Holders of DKS 💥💥💥


DarkShield Games | $DKS. DarkShield is the first multi-chain gaming system that provides an environment for both investors, traders and gamers. First deployed on BSc, then other network chains such as Cardano, Eth, Solana, and Polygon.

Know More about DARKSHIELD Games

Website: darkshield.games

Whitepaper: docsend.com/view/n72u25nc943id3we

Telegram Group: t.me/DarkShieldGamesStudio

Twitter: twitter.com/DarkshieldG

Medium: darkshieldgames.medium.com

Discord: discord.com/invite/c4gj3fRNFA


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