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CryptoMotorcycle Presale Whitelist

CryptoMotorcycle is an CryptoCar inspired game on #Blockchain. Running on #BinanceSmartChain , it will be leading the trend of #NFTgame and play-to-earn!

CryptoMotorcycle Whitelist

To enter the CryptoMotorcycle whitelist, just follow the steps below.
1000 participants will be selected on October 25, 2021. After completing the whitelist, the result will be visible in our official telegram.
Add 5 members to the Official Telegram group and earn double points.
Link to join whitelist: https://wn.nr/D6fsBF
👉Token Name: CryptoMotorcycle
👉Token Symbol: CMC
👍Network: Binance Smart chain
💰Total supply: 100,000,000
👉500 members per point of reference.
👉500 random drawn.

About CryptoMotorcycle

Build your crypto Motorcycle and enjoy your adventure in the unlimited world.

CryptoMotorcycle is inspired by:
CryptoCars and Axie Infinity.
Nft Blockchain Technology that helps prove your ownership of digital assets.


Q1 and Q2 2021:: Researching Technology: Blockchain, NFT. (Concluded)
Q3 2021:: The start of development for the CryptoMotorCycle game. (Concluded)
Q4 2021:
October 4: (Airdrop: https://gleam.io/7XnB7/-cryptomotorcycle-airdrop- ) Airdrop starts on the 4th and ends on the 14th.
October 15: (Whitelist inscription)
October 16: Marketing
October 25st: (Random 1000 wallet will win whitelist)
The complete list of whitelist winners: cryptomotorcycle.me/whitelist.txt
October 30:
PreSale 4M CryptoMotorCycle Token (CMC – 4% of total supply) UTC on October 30 at 4pm.
Pre-sale price: 8000 CMC per BNB
Pre-sale: After 1 hour of whitelisting priority, everyone can buy.
October 31:
Pancake Swap listing 8M CMC (8% of total supply) priced: 6400 CMC per BNB UTC October 31, 4:00 PM
Open the Unbox Motorcycle feature (10% rare luck fee) (1% super rare luck fee) by purchasing a blind box priced at 200CMC.
Staking Motorcycle to get exp points (x2 exp).
November 2: Open the Virtual Races for Agriculture feature.
November 3: Influencers, Marketing, Youtube
November 6: Open the Staking CMC resource.
November 15: Open Marketplace for trading
November: Mobile game version (Android and iOS) for farming in PvC Moto Racing. Motorcycle workshop.
January 2022: Moto Update. PvP Moto Racing. Motorcycle parking. Motorbike rental.
February 2022: tournament championship. Q2 2022: CryptoMotorCycle Open World.



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