Crypto Nijigen Presale Whitelist

Crypto Nijigen is a two-dimensional horizontal card game in which players recruit multiple Crypto Nijigen Girls and develop them. The main highlight of our game is the design of a two-dimensional style and a refreshing multiplayer combat style. In battle, players can manipulate Crypto Nijigen Girls to release their skills. For the first time in GameFi history, Crypto Nijigen’s NFT (Crypto Nijigen Girls) was released on the Ethereum mainnet for the first time.

Crypto Nijigen Presale Whitelist


Complete the following tasks to join the pre-sale whitelist.

We will select 1,000 members to join our whitelist: 400  Top Entries and 600 randomly selected.

Complete at least 10 entries to have a chance to join Whitelist by this link:

The more points you collect, the greater the chance of being drawn randomly.

We have prepared 200 Crypto Nijigen Girls, all of which are SSR in quality, very rare, and each price is 0.03ETH.

Each wallet address is limited to 5.

In order to thank everyone for your support, we will give away NFT to the top 10 members.

Ranking No. 1: Give away 5 Crypto Nijigen Girls of different professions

Ranking No. 2: Give away 3 Crypto Nijigen Girls of different professions

Ranking No. 3: Give away 2 Crypto Nijigen Girls of different professions

Ranking 4-10: Give away 1 Crypto Nijigen Girl randomly

The deadline for the whitelist is September 29





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