CREO Engine IDO whitelist on LunaPad

CreoEngine is a platform to connect game developers and players around the world under our healthy ecosystem using blockchain technology. In addition to that, CreoEngine also provides high quality Play-to-Earn video games for players to enjoy

CREO Engine IDO whitelist on LunaPad


A total of 100 winners will receive the right to purchase $200  ( in lunapad tokens) Allotment for CREO Engine

Luna-Pad will Host CREO Engine Pre-Public Round

 on March 14, 2022

? Only for Luna-Pad Stakers

✅ Fund Raise = $50k (in lunapad tokens)

Pre-Public IDO Price $0.035

Vesting Schedule : TGE 7% 60days cliff and linear unlock over 6months

Token Name : CREO ENGINE
Symbol : CREO
Total Supply :

About CREO Engine

Creo Engine is primarily a platform dedicated to game developers around the world to establish their games. Developers can join the Creo Engine ecosystem and utilizing all the features implemented. Aside of that, Creo Engine also serves as a game developer itself, working with staffs and experts in an in-house game studio developing games. Creo Engine’s main objective is to develop high-quality games and provide the best gaming experience to its user base, while also allowing players to gain real money as profit.

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