Casper Station Airdrop

Casper Station is Launchpad and incubator for the Casper ecosystem. Casper Station offers a fast, secure, and efficient platform for decentralized fundraising.

Casper Station Airdrop


⏰ Time period: Feb 26th, 2022 – Mar 1st, 2022


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? Rewards:

  • Grand Total Rewards $15000 worth of CSPS tokens. 
  • Sharing Rewards $12000 in CSPS tokens for 1000 random winner 
  • Sharing Rewards $3000 in CSPS tokens for 50 Top Referrer


? 1st Top Referrer: $300 CSPS Tokens & Get 1 slot Casper Station Tier: Platinum


  1. 2nd Top Referrer:  $200 CSPS Tokens 
  2. ? 3rd Top Referrer: $100 CSPS Tokens 
  3. 4th Top Referrer:  $80 CSPS Tokens 
  4. 5-50th Top Referrer:  $50 CSPS Tokens 

Price: 1 CSPS = $0.0085)

⏰Token distribution date: After IDO Sale.


  • Members remember to keep your Private key or Seed phrase carefully.
  • You must have at least 700 entries to be qualified for the token airdrop.
  • Wallet address must have a minimum of 5 transactions to be selected. No transaction will be denied participation in Airdrop Season #1.​

About Casper Station

Featured On

Casper Station is the primary Launchpad for Casper Network which aims to grow the ecosystem.

Project Evaluation

All projects applying on the launchpad are carefully vetted before being available to invest.


Casper Station token holders get the first opportunity to invest in listed projects.


Incubator pool invests in seed round of projects Coins of incubated projects are air dropped to the token holders.

Easy access

Minimalist interface, friendly user experience to cater to even non-crypto audience .

Advanced auction security

Other presale platforms provide little or no incentives for presalers or value to their ecosystem . Our smart contract offers presale on a different level featuring the first-of-its-kind smart functions on CSPS, creating an advance and secure network for presale participants.

Safe investment

Reduce the risk of losing money on poor quality projects. Casper Station has an identity verification process for incubator projects.

Casper Station token features

To operate in our launchpad, staking and vote on governance proposals we will launch $CSPS token.

Staking in the LP pools

Aimed to get a cut of the day’s token pool fees. Token pools are only as good as the volume they can support, and to do that you need liquidity on both sides of the equation.

Staking to get presale pools access

Our token will be the key to access the various token sales pools, especially the classical high-demand project pools.

Staking for governance purposes.

CSPS holders will be able to vote for ecosystem initiatives, new features development, liquidity rewards distribution specs, and other applications.


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