Canon Crypto CATO IDO Whitelist on LaunchZone

CATO is a platform that integrates NFT games and decentralized farms. By joining CATO, you not only have fun but also have the opportunity to make a lot of money.

Canon Crypto CATO IDO Whitelist on LaunchZone

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About Canon Crypto CATO

CATO Game is a role-playing game – Here, you Buy eggs to hatch fish, raise them and transform them into CATOs to conquer new lands, destroy other species on the battlefield to earn rewards, and work to become rich!
We work with the desire to create a world where people can both make a living and have fun through the platform of the digital game. Here, we always believe in our players and empower them to contribute and bring them economic benefits.
Thanks to the Jadelabs development team!
CATO Wars Story
In the future, fuel and resources are increasingly scarce, so galaxies invade each other, creating space wars. Xebel is a ferocious army. They conquered many planets, inflicting losses on many other armies. But it seems that is not enough, their goal is to dominate the universe. They began to invade each Milky Way. When they reached the solar system, the Earth was their first target.
To carry out the invasion, they created a destruction machine called CATO. CATO is shaped like a shark, with sharp iron teeth like a crusher, ready to crush opponents. Wherever CATO goes, it brings death and destruction there, it has an almost invincible power that is hard for anyone to beat. One cannot count the number of casualties caused by CATO. Overcoming the victory Xebel has created many more soldiers, with functions and shapes similar to CATO. What many fear and call the army of sharks. The core purpose of creating CATO and going to invade is to build a new world called CATO WARRIOR. So is there hope for the Earth and other planets? Will there be one strong enough to defeat CATO? Or will Xebel eventually create a world called CATO Warrior?
1. CATO Token ($CATO)
$CATO is a government token for the game CATO. The holders are the people who want to invest in the game. Holders can use $CATO to staking or recharge the game.

  • Public sales unlock 25% at TGE and the remaining will be distributed at the rate of 25% per month for 3 months
  • Private sale will release 6% in TGE and then pay 6% every month in 16 months
  • Team and Advisor will be locked in 6 months and then distributed in the remaining 36 months.
  • Staking reward token will be locked: issuance starts in Q4/2021­ Q1/2022.
  • Token for community and marketing will be unlocked 2% per month, in a total of 50 months.
  • Play to earn reward token will be locked: issuance starts in Q4/2021­ Q1/2022.
2. GOLD token ($GOLD)
$GOLD is valid in the game. The player can use it to bet on slots and buy ammo in fish shooting games. $GOLD also Can be earned a reward by shooting down an item in a fish shooting game or winning a bet on the slot game.
The player can recharge by buying $GOLD with $CATO at the rate of 1:25 (1 $CATO = 25 $GOLD).
3. CATO NFT and Aquarium NFT
CATO NFT is a special token. It can be obtained when participating in hatching games and used in games in CATO’s ecosystem or stake to farm $CATO in CATO Dapp.
Rate and combination

Aquarium NFT
Firstly 50 NFTs will be given to the players when they participate in the Whitelist or complete the tasks in the Bounty.
Each person who owns Aquarium NFT will be allowed to create rooms in the CATO game, and the owner of that room will certainly receive a commission. The more players join, the more commission the room owner will receive.
The commission will be worth 5% of the total $GOLD received by other players in the room
Advantage of owning Aquarium NFT: have one playroom, the room decoration, and rare/ limited items and profit.


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