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BT Miracles Public Sale Whitelist

Bt Miracles is a fantasy hero metaverse based on BSC (Binance Smart Chain).

BT Miracles, the quest for allocations is about to begin… We’re climbing aboard the rocket ‘Public Sale’ and leaving earth with a trip to the metaverse and beyond. We are looking for the most dedicated community members to climb aboard and will be rewarding them with a whitelist spot for our public sale!

BT Miracles Public Sale Whitelist

JOIN WHITELIST: https://share-w.in/utfbh0-37693

BT Miracle is a gaming metaverse and we’re applying random gamification to our Public sale whitelist to give everyone a chance to participate(1000 Winners)!

We’ve installed antibot measures for this contest just as we have throughout all our processes.

BT Miracle Public Sale Details

Get Whitelisted by doing the task shown, the higher entries the higher chance you win

  • Whitelist winners will be announced on the 14th of December
  • HERE is how you create a BSC wallet on MetaMask
  • Public Sale will occur on the official website at https://www.btmiracles.com/
  • Please beware of phishing websites, make sure you are entering the right portal.
  • The final interpretation belongs to BT Miracles

About BT Miracle

It is more than an interesting game, but also a metaverse with a complete business ecosystem. Our mission is to provide players with an interesting and profitable NFT game. Players can summon students, who can fight, grow, and upgrade. In the world of Bt Miracles, entertainment can be business, and business can also be entertainment.
Players can not only cooperate with each other in the NFT metaverse to create wealth and fun, but also create an interactive community with us. All players are indispensable members of our community and contribute to Bt Miracles community. In the future, corresponding rewards will be given according to the contribution made by players.

FAQ  – Frequent Asked Questions

Bt Miracles: Project name. It is a platform that integrates NFT games and decentralized production applications, with a total of 100 million issued and no additional issuance.
Blind Box:A random common student can be summoned from the box.
Student: Basic NFT, can be summoned from Blind Box.
Evolution: Students can upgrade from training and the MIRACLE STONE that sold in the store. There are chances to get higher level students from evolution.
Marketplace:Players can gain benefits by trading students and props.
Training camp(Sku Academy): When players place their students in the training camp(Sku Academy), the student can recover 10 stamina per hour (1200 block). The higher the stamina, the higher the profit of mining.
Battle Field:Players can conduct PVP battles on the Battle Field. The rewards in the prize pool will be distributed according to the honor points of the students.
Liquidity Pool:A contract that users can lockup BM in a certain period.
Liquidity Provider: Users can put BM token in liquidity pool and become liquididty provider to earn profit of platform.



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