BILLIONAIRE PLUS NFT Box Early Sales Whitelist

We are super psyched by our community’s overflowing interest and support of Billionaire Plus. Many have been asking when the official game will be released and today, we are excited to announce that our official game is scheduled to take place in the second week of March 2022!

To kick off the official game release, the series of NFT Early Sale Events will be launched. And the Whitelist for NFT Box Early Sale ROUND 2 is Now LIVE!

Here are the details you need to know.

  • Event Date: Friday, Feb 25, 2022

  • Total NFT Box for Whitelist: 2000

  • Total NFT Box for Public: 800

  • Sale price for Whitelist: from 36000 BPLUS

  • Sale price for Public: from 43000 BPLUS

How to participate in ROUND 2 NFT Box Early Sale Whitelist:

  • Start Date & Time: February 17 @ 1PM UTC 

  • End Date & Time: Wednesday, February 23 @ 1PM UTC 

  • Winner Announcement: Thursday, February 24 @1PM UTC

  • Please note that you have to complete all the whitelist tasks to be qualified to participate in the Flash Sale:


Important Information

ALL whitelist entries will be screened and checked. The following list of possible violations will lead to automatic whitelisting disqualification:

  • Invalid BEP20 addresses, telegram/twitter handles, and emails.

  • Entries by bots or any form of automation

  • Entries with duplicate identities

  • Entries with any incomplete step in the process as described in the Whitelist Link


BILLIONAIRE PLUS is an immersive multiplayer board game with 3D and VR modes that incorporates metaverse real estate investment where players own, sell, trade, and collect NFT assets. The game is designed to be fun and competitive, allowing players to own virtual real estate, and customize aspects of the cities within the Billionaire metaverse with owned NFT assets.


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