Assent Protocol Presale Whitelist

ΛssentProtocol is building a community-owned decentralized financially secure infrastructure to bring more stability and transparency to investors.

Λssent Protocol Presale Whitelist


Get whitelisted to participate in the Assent Protocol $ASNT token presale!
Fill your public wallet address and the amount you want to invest

Only the form on this page allows you to register on the whitelist for the presale of the $ASNT token. Listing is free. Be aware of Phishing. The amount value is only for our internal purpose, it could be updated on the presale

? Whitelist sale specifics

  • ⏰ The whitelist pre-sale will be hosted on the 11th of March 9 AM UTC and will run until the 13th of March 9AM UTC if we don’t reach our hardcap before this time. ⏰
  • In the whitelist pre-sale there will be a total of 75000 $ASNT tokens for sale against a price of $0.40 per $ASNT token (this is a 20% discount on the $ASNT token launch price).
  • The hardcap will be $30.000,-. This means that the goal is to raise $30.000,- in the whitelist pre-sale.
  • The majority of the raised funds in the whitelist pre-sale will be used for marketing the public launch to make sure Assent Protocol will experience the best launch that is possible.
  • The whitelist pre-sale will runon the BSC chain with investments made in $BUSD.
  • There will be a minimum investment per wallet, which is $50 and a maximum investment of $10.000,- per wallet.
  • The pre-sale will be first come first serve, once we have reached our goal/hardcap we will close the pre-sale contributions.
  • The $ASNT tokens that are bought in the whitelist pre-sale will be available for claiming after our public sale finished, this will be the 16th of March.

How to join the whitelist pre-sale?

  1. surf to
  2. Paste your BSC wallet address here:

3. Fill in the amount you would feel comfortable investing with here:

4. Click submit here:

5. Congratulations, you are now whitelisted for the Assent Protocol whitelist pre-sale.

VIP system

If a whitelist participant invest a minimum of the following amounts they will enjoy amazing benefits from doing so.


-10% reduction on DEX swap fees

-10% reduction on farms/pools deposit fees

-10% reduction on APUSD market borrow interest rates.

  • all reductions last until 30 days after launch


-20% reduction on DEX swap fees

-20% reduction on farms/pools deposit fees

-20% reduction on APUSD market borrow interest rates.

  • all reductions last until 30 days after launch


-30% reduction on DEX swap fees

-30% reduction on farms/pools deposit fees

-30% reduction on APUSD market borrow interest rates.

  • all reductions last until 60 days after launch

❗️NOTE: The whitelist pre-sale starts at the 11th of March at 9 AM UTC and will be first come, first serve so make sure you have everything sitting ready to be able participate in this whitelist pre-sale. ❗️

At the time of this post, we still have some whitelist spots available. Grab your spot now and get $ASNT at a huge discount.

About Λssent Protocol

What is Λssent Protocol?

Assent Protocol is a new multichain DeFi project that aims to become the number one DeFi bank for both investors and projects alike. Assent protocol started its adventure on the BSC network and has aspirations of becoming a multichain project as we grow. The native token of Assent Protocol is called $ASNT.

Assent Protocol will combine multiple features in its ecosystem, such as:


to make it easy for investors to trade on the Assent Protocol platform while allowing other projects incentive to make Assent THE place to list.


Assent Protocol will be a DAO project. This means the community will have a say in how we grow and in how we optimize.

Lending & borrowing protocol

Allows users to borrow (or mint) $APUSD, an over collateralized automated stablecoin pegged at $1 USD.

Lock feature

Special locker systems to control the circulating supply of $ASNT.


Protocol owned liquidity (POL) through bonding features.

Why did the team create the Assent protocol?

Assent Protocol is created to provide the DeFi ecosystem with a bank like protocol where people and projects can safely store their funds and earn rewards from staking with a reserve currency ($ASNT). The Assent protocol core team is missing a place that combines both project and its investors, where all native token holders control the protocol.

What is in it for investors?

  • Assent Protocol investors benefit from holding a reserve currency that gets more exposure and buy pressure each time a new DeFi project is added to our ecosystem.
  • Assent Protocol investors benefit from staking $ASNT, getting rewards for staking $ASNT and for auto compounding $ASNT.
  • Assent Protocol investors benefit from investing in bonds from different projects on our platform. The main benefit for bonders comes from price consistency. Bonders commit capital upfront and are promised a fixed return at a set point in time with bonders benefiting most from a rising or static price.
  • Assent Protocol investors benefit from locking their $ASNT in exchange for extra rewards.

Who are behind the Assent protocol?

On the core team we have 5 very experienced crypto enthusiasts: Jay, Dan, Eric, John and Charles. The team knows each other from previously worked on projects. The core team doxxed internally to each other and 1 core team member will dox himself to the outside world, this to make sure all funds remain SAFU and to build trust from the community.

Let’s talk a bit about the team its experience:

Jay is the CEO and founder of the Assent Protocol. Jay is our amazing solidity DEV. He works as a manager for a big IT company. Jay has worked on very well known projects on the Ethereum network, Polygon network, BSC network and Fantom network. Next to his busy working and crypto life, Jay is a father of 2.
Dan is the other half that completes Jay. Dan is the talented Assent protocol frontend DEV. Dan is also working at a big IT company and in crypto he worked alongside Jay on well known projects on the Ethereum network, Polygon network, BSC network and Fantom network. When Jay is not working he loves going out into nature with his wife to enjoy viewing all the beautiful places our world has to offer.
Eric is one of the two marketing managers at Assent protocol, he will use his experienced skillset to get Assent protocol as much exposure as possible. Eric his real name is Adam (but let’s call him Eric from now on). Eric lives in the states and he is a salesman for Samsung. Eric started working in DeFi as an admin and worked himself up, all the way to the top. Since becoming a marketing manager, Eric has worked on multiple projects on the BSC network, Fantom network and Polygon network. When Eric isn’t working at Samsung or in crypto (which is almost never), he likes to spend time with his girlfriend, with who he just recently moved in with.
John is the Assent protocol business development manager. John will focus himself on growing the Assent protocol ecosystem in terms of adding quality DeFi projects to our ecosystem. John lives in Malaysia with his wife and works in DeFi full time. Assent Protocol is very lucky to have such an experienced business development manager such as John because John has worked on one of the biggest projects of the BSC network and several smaller projects.
Charles is 1 of the 2 marketing managers, together with Eric they will focus on making Assent Protocol well known. Charles his real name is Alexandros (but let’s call him Charles from now on) and lives in the Netherlands. Charles started his crypto journey back in 2017 but started to work in DeFi in February 2021. He started as an admin for a launchpad project on the BSC and worked himself up, all the way to marketing manager. A lot of projects noticed his hard work and wanted him on their team. Since leaving the launchpad, Charles has worked for many well known quality DeFi projects on the BSC network, polygon Network and Fantom network. Charles is working in DeFi full time and in his free time he likes to play football (the game you play with your feet, we refuse the call it soccer).

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