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Ark Rivals Primelist on Huobi

Ark Rivals is an epic sci-fi action strategy NFT game of resource wars based on User-generated content (UGC) to play, create, and earn.

Ark Rivals Primelist on Huobi

Sale will take place on a first come, first served basis, same as CoinList. From 10:00 UTC untill 11:00 UTC on February 22 there is time to register in the queue.

To participate you need:
Register on Huobi

• Make sure you fill the code from the Whitelist Alert when register account: r25g7
• Pass KYC on website: https://www.huobi.com/en-us/user_center/uc_auth/
• Hold in your wallet minimum 50 USDT
• Reach minimum daily spot trading volumes of $200

📆 Apply until 10:00 UTC February 22

About Ark Rivals

Project description

Ark Rivals is an epic sci-fi action strategy NFT game of resource wars based on User-generated content (UGC) to play, create, and earn. At first glance, Ark Rivals can basically be described as the “Clash of Clan” + “Starcraft” Play-to-Earn real-time strategy game. The game tells the scene of a factions war between Mars, Neptune, Jupiter, Uranus, and Saturn to gain universal control of the economy and power.

Developed by Topebox – a veteran in creating hit titles on Appstore and GooglePlay with experience in blockchain games, Ark Rivals come with very familiar yet innovative gameplay and in-game tokenomic models.

Both Mainstream and Crypto Players in Ark Rivals benefit from the battle pass in different aspects. Free-to-play players can collect resources and earn non-NFT items as traditional games. In contrast, Crypto Players with ARK tokens can mint non-NFT items into NFT for trading or buying Minner Device. Both NFT and non-NFT items can be used to buy yourself lands to participate in the Faction Wars to earn ARKA and even more lucrative rewards.

This hybrid model is established to create a healthy and sustainable business model for both gamers and developers.

Key features



Team Background

The game Ark Rivals is the collaboration between Whydah, a spin-off division from KardiaChain, and game studio Topebox.

Nghia Do – CEO of Ark Rivals
Nghia is currently Co-Founder of Topebox.
Tri Pham- CEO of Whydah
Tri was a Co-Founder of KardiaChain
Name Nguyen – Tech Advisor

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