Aperture Finance Private Beta Waitlist

Aperture Finance  is a cross-chain investment ecosystem with a community-driven marketplace for strategies.

Aperture Finance Private Sale Beta Waitlist

JOIN WAITLIST: https://aperture-private-beta.kickoffpages.com?kid=229K0X

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Step 4: The top 400 participants ranked by highest scores will be granted access to the private beta


  • We will notify winners using the email on-file from the waitlist
  • The minimum investment is $500 and the maximum is $10K.
  • The beta will run on Terra blockchain so please make sure you have a compatible wallet.
  • Delta neutral strategies involving synthetic stock tokens need to be executed during US stock market trading hours (including pre-market and extended trading hours).
  • The right of final interpretation of the Terms of Conditions resides with Aperture Finance.

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The Best Hedging Strategy Ever

The private beta will open on Feb 7th. You can already head to Aperture.Finance to join the waitlist. We welcome our early supporters to join us before we open up to the DeFi community at-large.

In our Private Beta, we will offer a selection of delta neutral strategies on synthetic stock tokens. Delta neutral is a portfolio strategy that maintains both long and short positions in order to hedge away the directional risks associated with the price movements of an underlying asset.

Executing this approach on Aperture sets off a series of yield-farming operations on Anchor, Mirror and Spectrum protocols. Built-in liquidation protection is enabled to safeguard against collateral liquidation as a result of market volatility. Even with the current market performance, this strategy can earn an APY of 25–35% or more.

Here is an example of the delta neutral strategy deployed with Mirror:

About Aperture Finance

Based in Silicon Valley, the three co-founders respectively come from Stanford and Cornell University, as well as the University of California, Berkely. They cumulatively hold 20-plus years’ experience in product and engineering from Google, Amazon Web Services and Netflix. The team has deep experience in smart contracts and has previously worked on other crypto projects. Its goal is to transform Aperture into a professional community-driven hub for DeFi investors.

The Vision of Aperture

With a cross-chain marketplace for strategies, Aperture connects investment opportunities from various blockchain networks into one place, offering a one-stop solution to DeFi users, and bridging the gap between chains at the same time.

Integrated bridge solutions (cross-chain for real) — a key theme of DeFi 2.0 is connecting the chains with interoperability and scalability. Aperture offers a Cross-chain Swap module that integrates mainstream bridge solutions into the investment experience. As part of the investment flow, the parameters are predefined based on the investment destination (for example, crossing USDC from Ethereum to Terra and depositing into Anchor). This way the margin for manual mistakes is significantly reduced. We offer the recommended routing option by default based on speed and gas fee, at the same time, we will allow advanced users to pick their desired bridge solution.

Marketplace for strategies (tired of the basic pools?)– with the infrastructure and connectivity to the blockchain networks, the marketplace is essentially a cross-chain AppStore. Wisdom from traditional investing can be applied in DeFi as well — all we need is some smart contracts to enable the complex transactions at scale. Aperture will roll out an automated delta-neutral strategy with liquidation protection based on Anchor, Mirror, and Spectrum, targeting January 2022. More strategies are being developed by the team to unleash the power of yield-farming. Eventually, Aperture will open this up to community developers to contribute with a simple-to-use SDK. Besides investment strategies, applications for other purposes (for example, automating periodic donations to charities with cryptos) can be developed as well.

Connecting the blockchain networks (your gateway to DeFi 2.0) — the Aperture ecosystem brings the blockchain networks to you. Through Aperture, you can invest and capitalize on the opportunities from all the supported chains, eliminating the need to check on individual protocols for your positions. With the integrated bridge solutions, you can freely navigate the blockchain networks, whether they are EVM-compatible or not, giving you access to chains like Ethereum, BSC, Terra, Solana, and more.

Website: https://aperture.finance/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ApertureFinance

Discord: https://discord.gg/aperturefinance

Medium: https://medium.com/@aperturefinance


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