200 Parallell Avatar NFTs Giveaway!

Parallell is the gamified metaverse brand of ZOAN, a leading European XR studio based in Helsinki, Finland.

Avatar pass is the skin of Parallell digital passport. Your customizable avatar pass type will be randomly generated from Parallell’s tribe inhabitants of: mammals, robots, and aliens.

200 Parallell Avatar NFTs Giveaway!

JOIN GIVEAWAY: https://sweepwidget.com/view/57879-xjowfk38

To Enter:

✅ Follow @Parallell_

✅ Join Parallell TG

✅ Join Parallell Discord

✅ Add your BSC-BEP20 wallet

Prize: 200 NFTs (Free Mint)

Each winner can get a free mint.

Distribution Date: Two weeks after the giveaway ends.

⏰ End Time: 7th Jun

? And, we will offer DigitalPassport on the Binance marketplace in June.

About Parallell


Parallell is an immersive travel and gaming experience in the Metaverse. Explore Earth’s digital twin in Terra3 and a futuristic space station, Utopium. Come discover endless opportunities for play, competition, socializing, creating, and exploring. Parallell is a cosmic playground of immersive wonders created by a leading VR studio ZOAN which works with Microsoft, Meta, and Nike.

?Reality amplified: Digital twins of real-life locations.
?Explore the Cosmos: outer space, galaxies and multiverses.
?Immersive VR experiences, events and games.
?NFT avatars: human, space alien and animal.
?Planet Creation: A solar system of custom worlds.
?Branded NFTs
?Digital luxuries

What will you see?

A cosmic playground of unparalleled wonders. Terra3 is the first planet you encounter within a constantly expanding, photorealistic metaverse. Parallell is a cinematic gaming and travel experience that blurs the line between reality and fantasy by combining earth-based locations (digital twins) and mystical parallell dimensions.

Who’s along for the intergalactic ride?

A trinity of tribes form the portal-hopping inhabitants of the Parallell Metaverse. A misfit squad of human and animal (mammal), alien and robot species use their unique abilities to discover and mine a supernatural mineral with magical powers, called Noza. Their continuous search for Noza leads them to new life and ancient civilizations as they explore the galactic corners of the Parallell Metaverse.

What will you experience?

Citizens of Parallell will play, earn, build, create and come together as community. How you chill on the (block)chain is up to you! Influence the expansion of the Metaverse and earn rewards and revenue through a bustling virtual marketplace. Earn virtually to extract real value for your effort and ingenuity.

Express yourself. A DAO for each world will be represented in a Council that is unique and customized to the mythology of each world.

Basing Parallell in a digital twin of the real world with fantasy elements brings the best of physical and virtual reality into a dynamic, ever-evolving duo. Take your pick of a variety of activities from the peaceful to the audacious: an equestrian

Why the LLell?

You ask great questions!

The Parallell Metaverse incorporates state of the art blockchain, realtime graphics, multiplayer video game capabilities and decentralized financial technologies. And a proprietary cinema-quality technology is a unique advantage on this intergalactic block.

Social Links

For more information, please follow our social media:
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Twitter: https://twitter.com/Parallell_
Telegram Group: https://t.me/parallell_pll
Telegram Ann: https://t.me/Parallell_Ann
Discord: https://discord.com/invite/n3NKQq8628



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